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See the Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad In

If you’re interested in Study Abroad, then the country is a good place to start with. After all, you’ll be living there for a very long time. But with the diverse cultures and cities we have all over the world, where does one begin? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best countries in the world for studying abroad. See the list below!

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1) Italy

Many students aspire to study in Italy because of their exquisite cuisine, beautiful art, romantic language, and rich history. And of course, Italy is home to some of the oldest universities in the world which have established the standard for European education today.

Most of their programs do not require you to speak, read, or write in Italian. This makes Italy more accessible and in some sense, inclusive of everyone. If ever, it might be helpful to know some of the basic or common phrases so you can get around and interact with locals easily – you know what they say: when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

If you consider yourself a romantic or a foodie then you might want to study abroad in Italy. Be sure to chow down on all that pizza and pasta while taking in all the art that Italy has to offer! Don’t forget that Italy gave birth to some of the best artists that the world has ever known.



2) Spain

On a yearly basis, thousands of students visit and explore Spain to learn the language and take specific courses to do with international business and European studies – and it’s no surprise, with Spain’s excellent universities and affordable living expenses and tuition costs! And while most universities offer their programs in English, don’t be afraid to learn the language, especially since it could be easier to learn due to similarities between Filipino and Spanish. This might prove to be a great advantage in the job market given that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.

If you see yourself thriving in a very laidback atmosphere with amazing food and even more amazing people, then you might want to study abroad in Spain. Take the initiative and ask some local friends out for some drinks and tapas; visit little villages and get to know those around you!


3) United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is an ideal study abroad destination for those who have never been abroad. For one, language is no problem since English is their native language and this alone makes acclimating to university and their culture 10 times easier.

If you want to talk about excellent education, then the UK is definitely high up on the list. Some of the oldest and best institutions in the world are based in the UK. It’s also a great place to experience cultural diversity!  It has a long history of welcoming international students from all over the world.

Don’t forget that its capital, London, is one of the world’s financial capitals and growing to be a hotspot for startups as well. If you’re particularly interested in those industries, then perhaps the UK is the study abroad destination for you.


4) France

Known for its intimate ambiance and romantic language, who in the world wouldn’t want to experience French culture? Imagine the amount of choice you have as well. If you prefer a more modern environment, then perhaps Paris, the city of love, is for you. If you prefer somewhere more historical, then consider Avignon. You want the beach? Nice could be the match for you. Or what about food? Lyon is considered the food capital of France.

You also have choice when it comes to the language you want to take these programs in: choose between French or English; it’s in your hands whether or not you’d like to challenge yourself! Keep in mind though that it is highly recommended that you study and speak basic French. This is especially applicable to those who’ll be living outside the main centers (i.e. the non English-speaking areas).

If you’re a romantic or diversity in choice is what you’re looking for, then study abroad in France!


5) Germany

Do you find yourself obsessed with the castles from the fairytales of your childhood? Most likely that castle is inspired by one of Germany’s many castles along the massive Rhine Valley. Don’t think that Germany is stuck in the middle-ages though; Germany is also home to the world’s fastest cars and modern cities like Munich.

Germany is known for its difficult business and science courses. They also provide the best academic internships. If you don’t already know, Germany is home to some of the world’s biggest companies’ headquarters. Beyond the classroom, efficiency runs high and you will surely be well-trained for your future career. There are programs that offer both German and courses taught in English. You get the best of both worlds! Learning to speak German beforehand and knowledge on the basic phrases are recommended, which might be too great of a challenge or a hassle for some of you.

If you want to be especially prepared for your future, then Germany is an excellent study abroad destination for you!


6) Australia

What’s not to love about the land down under? If you’re going to study in Australia, you must go outdoors and witness its picture-perfect landscapes: hike in the Outback and snorkel (or maybe even dive) in the Great Barrier Reef!

Australia has some of the most topnotch universities with all kinds of majors available, ranging from business to humanities to sciences. You can study anything and everything in Australia! Take advantage of their year-long summers: take some time off and soak yourself in the sun, get a tan, see some kangaroos, and jump into Bondi Blue waters.

If you think that you’ll thrive best in an environment rich with nature, then Australia is the study abroad destination for you!


7) Japan

Japan has proven to be an interesting tourist destination, especially for Filipinos in the last couple years. And who can blame us? Japan is home to some of the best food and fascinating culture in the world. Japan also has the best of both worlds — they’re home to modern cities with daily conveniences like the shinkansen and high tech vendo machines  but also natural wonders (hello, Mt. Fuji!) and historical sights in every corner (you’ll find tons of ancient Buddhist temples)!

What people are only starting to realize now is Japan is not just a wonderful tourist destination but an excellent study abroad destination as well, producing some of the smartest and most innovative students in the world. You might want to consider studying in Japan, especially if you’re keen on working there in the future.


8) China

Most students fly to cities such as Shanghai and Beijing for that competitive edge. It’s no secret that China is the largest rising economy in the world so by studying in China and taking in their language and culture, you can stay ahead of the game.

Many of the world’s largest companies, like Uber and AirBnB are still attempting to enter the Chinese market so for sure, there will be demand for employees who are familiar with the Chinese market. Just one thing to note is that Chinese is considered to be one of the most challenging languages to learn but by immersing yourself in their culture, you can make learning Chinese a little bit easier.

Some might find themselves in a culture shock because of the difference in cultural mindset and language. However, you can treat this as a valuable learning experience. Don’t be afraid of challenges and struggles, especially if you want to prepare yourself for the future global economy where China is king.


9) Argentina

South America isn’t really the first study abroad destination that comes to mind for us Filipinos but the next couple destinations might convince you otherwise.

Argentina is the place to be – it’s not just a feast for the eyes, it’s a literal feast for the stomach as well. Not only is Argentina home to some of the best sights in the world that will make you want to put on your hiking boots, it’s also home to some of the world’s best cuisine: did you know that many food critics of the world consider Argentina home to the best steak?

When it comes to studies, Argentina is home to excellent universities without the high price tag. If you want to receive an excellent education without breaking the bank, then Argentina is the study abroad destination for you!


10) Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a good mix of outdoor adventures and city life! If you’re looking for a more balanced and well-rounded experience, then Costa Rica is the study abroad destination you are looking for. Break the South American barrier and take this opportunity to use this country as a base for other countries that are not as known or recognized.

The main benefit? Costa Rica is cheap and affordable! Don’t forget that you get to learn more about Latin American culture as well! If the Spanish language is of interest, then this is the place for you.


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