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Top 5 Ways To Prepare for TOEFL

The TOEFL, which stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language, is one of the many tests that gauge your English language proficiency. It is also one of the most common requirements when applying for universities, jobs, and scholarships abroad.

While it may seem overwhelming at first, you’ll get good results if you know how to prepare for it well enough. For starters, the test is divided into four major parts, namely Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. TOEFL takes around four hours to complete. It takes a lot of patience and concentration to finish so it’s best to do the necessary adjustments before exam day. Here are some useful tips:

Read as much as you can.

Practice makes perfect. Any skill could be developed if you put enough time and effort into it. For the reading part of the test, you will ultimately be going against time. So you have to make sure to be able to read as fast as you can while understanding the context of the article provided.

Watch movies, shows or other videos in English

Expose yourself to how the language is used through visual aid in the form of films. Observe how conversations unfold. This is a great way for you to know when to properly use certain terms or expressions.

Listen To Music in English

If watching shows or movies isn’t your thing, you could try listening to some tunes for better recall. Studies show that using music for language learning allows individuals to have better retention. Not only is music a fun and exciting way to learn something new, it also helps boost confidence and self-esteem while learning a new language.

Take Practice Tests

To get a feel of how the actual test is, you might want to consider taking practice tests online. There are a lot of free materials available on the TOEFL website.

Ask People Who Have Taken the Test

Another option to prepare for the exam is to ask those who have already taken it. They would be able to give other practical tips and tricks that are based on their real-life experiences.

Remember, English Language tests like TOEFL are essential for your study abroad applications. So, prepare for these exams like your life depends on it! For more information and advice about studying abroad, check out Edukasyon.ph’s Study Abroad corner.

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