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University of Kent Can Boost Your Employability Upon Graduation. Here’s How

Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate student looking for a university that will enhance your employability upon graduation? Do you want to enhance your skills and help you flourish in a competitive, fast-moving knowledge-based economy? Or are you just really looking for a university that will boost your curriculum vitae? Don’t fret! The University of Kent is the perfect school for you!

The University of Kent is committed to enhancing the employability of all its students and make sure they have lots of opportunities to boost their employability alongside studying for their degrees. But how exactly are they boosting their students’ employability? The university not only gives its graduates the right qualifications but also give them transferable skills and work experience. Sounds awesome right? Did you also know that 95% of the university’s undergraduate students who graduated in 2017 and responded to a national survey, were in work or further study within six months? Sure job after graduation? Count me in!

No wonder the university has the Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding Support for Students for two years running. For years, it has always strived to make its students not only employable but more so equipped with skills and abilities that are much needed in the real world. A significant reason for this is because of the careers and employability services available to Kent students which offers free one-one support in:

Job applications

There are a lot of job applications available not only to its graduates but also to its current students. In University of Kent, students can be employed in the university, be a student ambassador, join a Kent Union Volunteering and Job Shop, and learn a new language and other skills as a student and be guided in applying for jobs in different industries and abroad as a graduate. Job security at its finest! You will not have to worry anymore about finding a job and having a staple source of income.

CV writing

The University also helps students write and boost their CV for the employers to know the type of skill set they have and in what departments and divisions they can place them to match the skills and degrees that they studied. Being in a job that is compatible with your skills can really be a bid advantage.

Interview practices

Before students get interviewed for job applications, University of Kent makes sure that their speaking skills as well as their way of dressing and answering the questions of the interviewer will be taught to them. This is to ensure that they will leave a mark in the interviewer and will at the very least consider them as one of the top candidates for the position/s they are applying in. If you are really struggling with communicating your thoughts and talking to people, the university will surely help you calm your nerves and bring out your charm and personality.

Career guidance

There are also personnel in the university that helps the students find their passion and career that are suitable for their personality and skills. If you are still having doubts on what career path you want to dive in, you don’t have to worry. The university will be with you in every step of your way.

Stepping in the real world could be really scary especially for fresh graduates. But the University of Kent has proven throughout the years how it has helped its students reach their full potential and ensure that they will have careers or postgraduate opportunities upon graduation. The university also ensures this by running an Employability Points Scheme which allows students to earn points on activities that boost employability such as volunteering or being a University ambassador. These points allow students to take part in workshops as well as secure work experience, internships and training.

Education should not only be limited in the four corners of the classroom. It should not only be about knowing the facts and knowledge that can be found in books. It should empower you to be the best person you can be. That is what University of Kent provides – an education that helps you grow and holistically develop as a person.

To know more information about the university’s employability scheme, just go to Employability webpages!