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What Students Have To Say About The MScEGM Program

The MScEGM program is taking the lead on innovative programs around the world. A combination of global marketing and entrepreneurship matched with experiences from 2 prestigious institutions from different parts of the world, the MScEGM is truly one of a kind. The Hong Kong Baptist University and the Grenoble École de Management.

If you’re looking for a unique program that can do wonders for your career, consider the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing by browsing through what students have to say.

Anna Malcalza from Italy


“Attending the MScEGM was one of the best decisions of my life. Thanks to the possibility of studying in France and in Hong Kong, I have been able to meet students from all over the world and learn more about other cultures but also better understand myself.”

“The quality of the courses and the professionalism of the professors have helped me to enter the world of entrepreneurship with a 360-degree knowledge of the subject.”

Froland Tajale from the Philippines


“Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and Grenoble Ecole de Management’s dual degree Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing is one of the many excellent programmes that intertwines the expertise of Asia and the West. Being in the nanotechnology valley of France, Grenoble has given me and my classmates the entrepreneurial mindset needed to realize our social and corporate entrepreneurial ideas.”

“Moreover, HKBU gives extensive knowledge of amplifying resources and marketing ideas on a global scale. These skills are, I think, are in some universities that try to marry the expertise of Europe and Asia. I am confident that this programme will give students the practical and higher critical thinking skills needed to jumpstart any entrepreneurial idea not just in one’s local economy, but also internationally.”

Seneca Garrison from the USA


“There is no better place to study business than in Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) highlights the best parts of the city’s culture and opportunities in its educational programmes. In my short time here to complete MSc in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing, I’ve been flooded with networking and learning experiences constantly.”

“The staff is focused on jumpstarting the career you are after and the students are diverse and driven. I’d highly recommend studying at HKBU to expand your cultural repertoire and get a truly unique learning experience.”

Arpit Mathur from India


“The programme that offers you the opportunity to learn the aspects of marketing from a global perspective.”

“There are indeed a lot of theoretical practices every student needs to go through before opting for a career as an entrepreneur but all those practices vary, when it comes to Global markets. Different cultures and different lifestyles are both important and necessary to understand for an individual who is willing to go work in these international markets, and this programme helps you nurture those intercultural skills and develop an idea of how markets work in different parts of the world. It gives an interesting as well as useful experience for your career.”


“The most interesting part of this programme was that I got to study under 2 most distinct cultures in terms of education and lifestyles of Hong Kong and France.”

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