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Why A Marketing Degree Makes You In Demand In The Job Market

The job market is highly competitive. And spoiler alert: it’s not changing anytime soon. Not today or ever. It’s just what it is. 

So you might as well be more competitive

Choosing the right course and school is a good way to score jobs fit to your skills, interest, and field of choice. But if we’re to be honest, there are some courses you can take that can cut through all industries—making you more in-demand in the job market. (pun intended)

Marketing is one of those courses. 

If you’re still planning your college life (and the life after IYKWIM), we pitch taking a Marketing degree as a strong contender. We’ve got good reasons why.

Every business needs good marketing. Some just don’t realize it.

All businesses do some sort of marketing efforts. Or at least, try. But we all know there are some things best left to the experts. Taking a marketing degree makes you that expert. 

Every business needs good marketing to attract (and keep) customers, boost sales and revenues, and get their name out there. Regardless of the industry. With your marketing expertise and such high demand, you can be at peace knowing there’s always a job offer waiting for you somewhere.

Consumers are smarter now. But you know that already.

The business market is a whole new ballgame now. The marketing strategies that sold millions before won’t fly anymore. As a marketing professional, it doesn’t surprise you. Not even one bit. You know that consumers are smarter now, and you’ve got plenty of data to tell you why. Insights are your BFF. 

According to the World Economic Forum, data analysts will become increasingly more important in all industries by 2020. With a degree in marketing, turning consumer insights into marketing strategies is your forte. And good news, a lot of companies will need you for it. For reals.

You value every single peso. Don’t all companies love that?

Here’s a fact: many businesses waste a ton of money on marketing campaigns that don’t work. It hurts! A good marketer knows there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ in business. It takes data-driven marketing strategies to reach the right audience. Good thing, that’s a skill right up in your alley!

While other brands are busy burning money with ads everywhere, companies can count on you to save them tons of resources by being exactly where your target market is. (read: not everywhere) 

When all else fails, a marketing degree fits everywhere. So will you. 

Only you know the kind of job you’re looking for. Taking a marketing degree expands your career opportunities from the most technical to the most creative. Think supply chain management to advertising! Not to mention, you get to learn different skills applicable to a wide range of jobs. How’s that for being in demand? 

Good marketers start in school.

Ideas don’t grow on trees. And strategy doesn’t fall from the sky either. It takes training to get equipped for the job… and be good at it! A bachelor’s degree in Marketing will help you do exactly that.

Just recently, Saint Louis University (SLU) started offering BS in Marketing at its Madrid Campus. Take a trip to Spain and learn marketing from a diverse, international faculty! While it can be quite an investment, studying abroad allows you to learn mad marketing skills in a global perspective all while improving your employability (btw, we explained that right here!).

At SLU- Madrid, you can expect a hands-on learning approach through guest lecturers, business exposures, and internships. Marketing is an exciting field, and there’s no better place to learn it than in a dynamic environment like SLU- Madrid. 

What are you waiting for? Learn more about SLU- Madrid’s BS in Marketing program at Edukasyon.ph now!