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Why Canada’s Post-Study Work Permit is Great for Filipinos

Just because you’ve studied abroad doesn’t necessarily mean you have had the full experience of living in that country. It’s by traveling around the different states, cities, and towns around the country that you eventually get a broader picture of what the country has to offer and know the people more intimately. What better way is there to do just that than working after graduation?

Let’s see what post-graduation work benefits are there for Filipino students who want to work in Canada!

Please note that requirements and application rules may change at any time. It is always best to check the current official government websites to get the most updated information.

Can I work in Canada after I graduate?

Yes, most definitely. You will need to get a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) which will allow you to work after you have completed your studies.

Am I eligible for the Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)?

In order to be granted a PGWP, you will need to fulfill the ff. requirements:

  • You have graduated from a designated learning institution (DLI) program that allows you to work after completion of your studies
  • Be 18 years of age or older when applying
  • Your study permit is valid during your application
  • Have continuously studied full-time in Canada in a study program for at least 8 months.
  • Have a document from your school that confirms the completion of your program and that you have passed all requirements
  • Be a graduate of public or private post-secondary schools
  • Your application is filed within 90 days after confirming the completion of your program

You are not eligible to apply for the PGWP if you:

  • Have studied in a program that was less than eight months long
  • You completed your study program through distance learning either abroad or even within Canada
  • You are part of the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program or the Government of Canada Awards Program

How long can I work in Canada with a PGWP?

Your PGWP duration of validity depends on how long you studied in Canada. Here is how long you can work according to your study duration. If your study program was:

  1. More than eight months but less than two years – You can work for up to the same length of time as your study program
  2. Two years or more – You can work for up to three years
  3. More than one program (ex. Bachelors plus Masters degree) – You can work for up to three years.

How do I apply for the PGWP?

You can apply online or on paper. For the online application, you will be needing a scanner or digital camera as well as a valid credit card to pay. For the paper application, you will need to download the application package, complete the application with your documents and submit it.

You can check your eligibility for application online by visiting the Government of Canada website.

Canada is definitely one of the countries that is more generous in terms of the work duration that you can have as a former student so it’s a common dream post-graduation destination for many. Make sure to check in with your school administrators and your government representatives every now and then should you have further questions.

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