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Why Country Culture Matters When Picking A University Abroad

Part of studying abroad means experiencing and learning how to adapt to a world outside your own. And if you want to succeed in your newfound university life abroad, learning your host country’s culture is just as important as the rest of the experience.

So why does your host country’s culture matter and how can it factor in on choosing your university abroad?

That’s what you’ll find on the dining table.

Part of getting to know a country’s culture is knowing what delicacies they have to offer. Some countries, for instance, might serve meals that would generally be inclined for vegetarians. Or other countries might rely on spicy food instead, so if you’re used to eating meat or less-spicy delicacies back home, you might have to look up on what diet preferences you can do to adjust.

Culture means meeting a whole new group of people.

If you’re used to seeing the same kinds of faces back home, you’ll have to learn how to adapt to all sorts of people once you decide on studying internationally.

Different culture means different languages.

Not all countries have English as their main language, so chances are if you’re used to speaking in English, you might have to learn another language, mostly from your host country. If you’re studying in Japan, for instance, you’ll have to learn Japanese to get around your classes.

Your hobbies won’t be the same as they used to be.

You might have to compromise some of the things that you do back home. Are you the type of student who loves taking photos? Some countries – and, in effect, their schools – are particularly strict about taking photos and prohibit the use of cameras in certain places, especially if said country is run by a strict military environment with off-limit areas. And if you’re talkative by nature, some cultures are particularly irked by boisterous behavior, which is also what you’ll expect in the school you choose.

Customs also matter.

Just because you party back home doesn’t mean your host country tolerates the same kind of behavior! While countries such as the US and Australia tolerate school night parties, other countries with low alcohol consumption such as North Africa and Middle Eastern countries do not always tolerate getting drunk. And, of course, you wouldn’t want to embarrass your own country by not doing what you’re used to in school!

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