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Why SUTD? 4 Reasons To Study At This Singaporean University

If you’ve got your sights set on earning a degree overseas, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) could definitely be a contender to make it to your shortlist. Why SUTD? Read on to find out.

SUTD has strong ties with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

SUTD first entered a seven-year education agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) back in 2010. The agreement had three goals: to develop a unique undergraduate curriculum for SUTD, to establish a major co-located research center, and to professionally develop the faculty and leadership at SUTD. 

How does this agreement affect SUTD’s students? To start, this is how MIT — which consistently ranks 1st in the QS World University Rankings and is often dubbed as the best engineering university in the world — came to play a major role in the creation of the undergraduate curriculum at SUTD. Yup, undergrads at SUTD get the benefit of learning from a curriculum designed by one of the world’s top universities.

Although both parties ended this education agreement in 2017, after the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre had been built and SUTD personnel had received sufficient training, they remain partner universities until today. In fact, the two universities still offer a Dual Masters program. Students who participate in the said program can earn a degree each from SUTD and MIT.

SUTD has established partnerships with notable academic institutions worldwide

why study in sutd to experience a global learning environment

Beyond its partnership with MIT, SUTD also has ongoing educational partnerships with a number of local and international universities. This is great news for SUTD students as it presents them with global learning experiences and opportunities.

A collaboration between SUTD and Aalto University in Finland was formed in 2018.Sharing a strong interest in incorporating design and technology across multiple disciplines, both universities aim to enrich their programs through faculty and student exchanges, collaborative teaching efforts, and joint research projects.

SUTD also has existing partnerships with some of the top schools in Singapore! You can take advantage of SUTD’s strength in design and technology and Singapore Management University’s expertise in business through their Dual Degree Program. Get to choose a specialization between Engineering Product Development, Engineering Systems and Design, and Information Systems Technology and Design. 

Another remarkable partnership: SUTD’s joint PHD on Engineering with the National University of SingaporeIf you’re looking for a university with global, multidisciplinary opportunities available for its students these partnerships are definitely why SUTD should at least make your shortlist.

SUTD actively participates in different sectors of society

Another reason why SUTD should be among your top picks when studying abroad: it teaches students to apply what they know. The learning process at SUTD encourages students to create innovative solutions for real-life problems. What better way to identify these problems than through insights from the ones who experience them firsthand? 

SUTD currently has partnerships in three different sectors: aviation, healthcare, and urban development. They have been able to foster growth in these sectors through support in AI capabilities and data science. As a result, students at SUTD are able to use what they know to positively impact society.

SUTD has advanced learning facilities

learning facilities at sutd international design centre

With multiple partnerships under their belt, SUTD has been able to create advanced learning facilities for their students. Foremost is the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre which greatly benefits research initiatives made by the university. 

Another influential facility is the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities. This research institute allows SUTD and its students to address critical issues on urbanization such as environmental sustainability and urban innovation.

Lastly, SUTD has also partnered with Singapore’s Ministry of Defence to set up iTrust and Temasek: laboratories concerned with cyber security and defence system design.

Why SUTD? Because it has achieved this much in just 10 years.

It might surprise you, but the Singapore University of Technology and Design was only established in 2009. As the country’s fourth public university, it’s certainly grown into a reputable academic institution. This much promise can only yield more significant milestones in the years to come. In the meantime, you can read all about the timeline of their growth in this webcomic.

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