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Why Taking Public Administration Abroad Is A Good Idea

“Be the change you want to see in the world,” Mahatma Ghandi famously said.

But how? There are a million ways to do that and one of them is taking public administration abroad. For starters, public administration is all about knowing how important decisions are made — especially when they affect the public. It teaches people to understand the things they have to consider and how plans could be carried out.

If you really want to make a difference, though, it’s important to be able to diversify your understanding of people and the different circumstances they’re in. That’s where taking public administration abroad comes in! It gives your education new layers that will allow you to learn and understand how different cultures come to play in international governance.

Whether you’re looking into more political relations or not,  here are 5 reasons why taking public administration abroad is a good idea!

You develop leadership qualities.

A student enrolled in public administration naturally develops strong leadership qualities because of the company they are put in. A lot of people take public administration with some sense of public service in mind. Because of this, they develop strong skills like communication, deductive reasoning, critical thinking, fundraising, etc. Taking this degree is competitive in nature, and that brings out the inner leader in the students who take it.

You understand how people behave.

Students in public administration often have to deal with a lot of people. Creating policies, urban planning, and fundraising are just a few of the things students taking up public administration are challenged to do. When you are trained to deal with and collaborate with different kinds of people, you get a better understanding on how people think and what gets them moving. Along with the leadership skills, taking public administration teaches you to be good with managing people.

You choose from many different career opportunities.

It’s a common misconception that every public administration graduate wants to become a politician. Sure, they might find political topics interesting, but that doesn’t mean they want to be the next president.

Public administration comes with a lot of subjects you’ll have to master, which gives you the option to choose where you’d want to take your degree, moving forward. You can work in both the public or private sector. In fact a lot of today’s biggest corporate names are constantly on the lookout for public administration graduates. Not to mention startups that want to expand globally, too!

You start with a competitive salary.

Because of the diversity of skills public administration graduates have, the demand for them keeps getting higher. They’re taught to set budgets, analyze trends, manage public agencies, and lead a world-changing team wherever they are. People like these are in demand in industries like education, healthcare, international development, urban planning, and many more.

With tech giants like Google and consulting firms like Mckinsey valuing these graduates, it’s no surprise that public administration graduates have a better chance at demanding a more competitive salary.

You build your network internationally.

In 10 years, you never know which of your friends will be in a position to help you in one way or another. Better yet, you might even be the friend people run to for help. Studying abroad puts you in a position to build your network internationally. You’ll meet people in college from different parts of the world that will give you fresh perspectives but also might be an important international connection in the future.

However, when you take public administration abroad, the people you meet and befriend in college will likely be in leadership positions a few years down the line. Whether they end up pursuing a career in journalism for channels like CNN or BBC, political governance, or start their own law firm or corporation, you can be sure that the kind of international network you are building is going to be a strong one.

You make a difference in your own community.

Graduates of public administration are equipped for the haul. They understand that every industry can take part in social change when led by the right people. Those who take public administration see the bigger picture. They are inspired to make a difference wherever they are – whether in school, in their communities, or in the workforce. They learn what tools they’ll need to make change happen and what process must be undergone to actually see the difference.

When you take up public administration, you don’t just graduate to finish your education – you graduate to make a difference.

Public administration is one of the many programs available to future leaders! Know more about the different programs you can take when you take on your international student adventure. If you want to know more about how to choose your course or to Study Abroad, head to Edukasyon.ph!

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