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Why University of Helsinki is the Right University for You

Finland is known for being one of the countries with the best basic education system in the world. Their higher education system has resulted in universities and institutes that specialize in giving good training and also being a place where quality research is being produced. One of these universities is the University of Helsinki.

At the University of Helsinki, the goal is to give students more than an education. The university aims to provide the kind of knowledge, skills and confidence needed in not only in the professional life, but also in solving global challenges. If you are looking for world-class education, find out why to choose the University of Helsinki.

Top Rankings of University of Helsinki

At the top in in­ter­na­tional uni­versity rank­ings

The University of Helsinki is internationally renowned for its high-quality teaching, research and innovation. In international university rankings, the University of Helsinki ranks amongst the top 20 universities in Europe and top 100 universities worldwide.

In the majority of the most important rankings, the University of Helsinki places in the 50-100 range, elevating it to the top 0.5% of the world’s universities.

Universty of Helsinki as Research University

One of the world’s lead­ing research uni­versit­ies

The University of Helsinki is one of world’s leading multidisciplinary research universities. The goal is to produce high-impact knowledge and know-how that contribute to solving global challenges. This university is the only Finnish university to be a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), an association of 21 leading research-intensive universities in Europe.

The University of Helsinki is also the oldest and largest institution of academic education in Finland, established in 1640 and with 32,000 students, 4,600 researchers, and 180,000 alumni.

University of Helsinki Multidisciplinary

A wide range of multidisciplinary degree pro­grammes

There are over 30 globally recognised Master’s Programmes in English at the University of Helsinki. The scope of the programmes is 120 ECTS credits, completed with two years of full-time study. The wide variety of minor subject options allows a multidisciplinary approach and enables you to tailor your degree based on your own interests and strengths. All programmes are closely linked to our research efforts that are vital to the future of humankind and aim to give you the knowledge and skills needed in your professional life and to tackle global challenges.

Doctoral education at the University of Helsinki is carried out under the supervision of top-class researchers in 32 doctoral programmes at four doctoral schools. English is the primary language of study in doctoral education.

University of Helsinki truly an International University

A truly international university

The University of Helsinki is a significant international university and a multicultural institution, attracting students and staff from all over the world. Out of 32,000 students altogether 6% are international students coming from some other country than Finland. More than 20% of the research and teaching staff and nearly a third of the doctoral trainees and postdoctoral researchers come from abroad. About 800 students embark on a student exchange every year. Meanwhile, the University of Helsinki receives approximately 1,000 incoming exchange students each year.

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Equality in University of Helsinki

Equality and respect for diversity

Equality is one of the guiding values of the University of Helsinki. The university is committed to and intends to be a forerunner in the promotion of equality, prevention of discrimination and in creating an atmosphere of respect for diversity. It recognizes and eliminates practices and structures that create and sustain inequality. Equality and accessibility contribute to the quality of a multicultural and multilingual university community.

University of Helsinki Student Benefits

Blooming student life with good benefits

Student life is an important part of the study experience. At the University of Helsinki, student life blooms and thousands of events are organised in more than 250 student organisations. Whatever your interests are, you are likely to find like-minded people and the right activities for you.

Although life in Helsinki might not be the cheapest, the students are entitled to a lot of benefits, discounts and services that will make your life easier. For example, students have access to affordable student housing, free basic health care services and student-priced meals as well as sports facilities. In addition, they also get numerous discounts, for example on public transport fees across the country or on tickets to cultural events or attractions.

Helsinki, livable city

Helsinki, a great city for students

Helsinki, the capital of Finland and one of the most livable cities in the world, is a safe, modern and compact. Everything is right at your doorstep: The cool urban culture and events, the beautiful green areas and wild nature with hiking trails and the sea with around 330 islands. The public transport system has been named the second best among European cities and the great bike share system consists of more than 2 500 bikes. With several higher education institutions in the area and 60,000 university students, it is a vibrant student city catering to all your needs.

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