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Why You Should Study Nursing In Australia With Open Colleges School of Health

A Diploma of Nursing is a qualification that leads to professions with high integrity. Regardless of what they specialize in, nurses make a difference in the lives of people every day. Theirs is a demanding job with rewards that go beyond monetary value. Is becoming a nurse your dream job? If so, then you should definitely consider studying Nursing in Australia!

Why Australia? For starters, the land down under is actually the country with the highest minimum wage in the world. This means that professional salaries can be quite competitive, depending on the industry. Enrolled Nurses in Australia earn an average of USD 59,000 per year. Living in Australia has plenty of perks as well: their renowned healthcare system is free, the crime rates are low, and the economy is growing.

On top of all this, Australia also has a growing demand for nurses that is projected to reach 85,000 by 2025. You can definitely capitalize on this with a Diploma in Nursing at Open Colleges School of Health.

Studying a Diploma of Nursing at Open Colleges School of Health

Studying a Diploma of Nursing at Open Colleges School of Health will take you 18 months. This is on a full-time student basis, with six study periods. This course has a blended learning structure which means students undergo learning in the classroom and online. 

Students will have two classroom days on campus every week. These sessions will be facilitated by qualified educators. Students will also have access to an online learning platform where they can accomplish online learning packages, workbooks, and other assessment materials.

What are the benefits of this course?

One of the benefits of studying Nursing in Australia is getting to experience beautiful, world-class destinations. Open Colleges School of Health has two campuses in equally attractive destinations: Adelaide and Perth. 

This is a great perk when combined with the flexibility of blended learning. Since you only have to attend class on campus twice a week, you will have more time in your schedule to explore Australia! This is only possible with the proper time management skills, of course. Don’t forget to allot enough time for studying your online modules and your practical clinic placement as well.

The course will train and prepare you to meet the standards for nursing in Australia. This is a great advantage if you want to secure a job in Australia after you graduate. Studying a Diploma of Nursing at Open Colleges School of Health will also get you a nationally-recognized Australian Nursing Qualification — an important stepping stone that makes you eligible to apply for registration as an Enrolled Nurse.

Diploma to Degree Pathway

A Diploma of Nursing qualifies you to apply for registration as an Enrolled Nurse. Then if you want to open more career opportunities, you can extend your studies to a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing which will qualify you to become a Registered Nurse. What is the difference between an Enrolled Nurse (EN) and a Registered Nurse (RN)? Basically, RNs have higher qualifications. Unlike ENs, they are able to create, facilitate, and implement the healthcare plans of their patients. Naturally, the average compensation for RNs is higher than that of ENs.

Students who obtain a Diploma of Nursing at Open Colleges School of Health and want to pursue a Bachelor’s in Nursing may have their units credited in various universities across Australia. This means that they can earn their degree in less time. If you’re looking to study and work in Australia, this could be a great opportunity! You can build up experience as an EN while you work towards the qualifications necessary to become an RN. While doing so, you can also start building connections with respected employers who may provide you with employment opportunities in the future.

Professional Experience Placement

Since Open Colleges School of Health greatly values practical know-how, students taking a Diploma of Nursing must also undergo job-relevant experiences. This includes clinical lab simulations and clinical work placement in various facilities. These placements fall under three categories: Introduction to Nursing, Fundamental Nursing Care, and Complex Nursing Care skills.

Start your journey towards an exciting Nursing career in Australia, today!

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