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The Wonders in City University of Hong Kong

Entering City University of Hong Kong through the Festival Walk tunnel is like cave dwellers seeing the rays of light and the blue sky for the first time. That’s how every new student feels when they come to CityU. I was one of these students, too.

Whenever I tell someone that I study at City University of Hong Kong, their first response is “Oh that university that is connected to Festival Walk”. However, as a final-year student and spending my past 3 years exploring this campus, I can assure you that there’s more to CityU that just being a university linked to a shopping mall. There’s a perfect balance between the nature and the city. In CityU, one moment you can find yourself spending time with nature. The next moment you will be watching the sunset and the city light up. This is what makes CityU campus so special, because you get the best of both worlds. Read along to learn more about the hidden treasures of CityU so you can make the best of your time here.

Image Source: City University of Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong’s Mini Forest

On the right from the entrance of the Festival Walk Tunnel, you will see a trail. It is also known as the Chinese Garden. The sound of the frog croaks and the waterfalls, the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees and the fresh air makes the Chinese Garden a perfect place to relax and study. During study breaks or your leisure time, walk towards the end of the trail and you’ll see a pond with fishes and turtles. You can sit in the Chinese – style pavilion and watch the turtles soak up some sun while eating your sandwich or chatting with your friends. The Chinese Garden promises a relaxing and calming atmosphere allowing you to take a break from the hustling and bustling life.

Chinese Garden, City University of Hong Kong

The corridor near Chinese Garden, providing seats for students to study or relax with nature

Picnic Time!

Sometimes we can get tired finding seats or dining in canteens. Did you know we have a grass lawn at the Student’s Residence? That’s right! The warmth of sunshine and a spectacular view of the Kowloon side makes the Student’s Residence lawn the perfect spot to have a picnic with your friends. That’s right! You can actually have a picnic with your friends during your breaks. After your picnic, you can head to the hammocks outside the Student’s Residence Canteen. Or in between breaks, you can head to the hammock and work on your essays and do your readings too. You won’t need to worry about being late to class as the Student’s Residence lawn is just a 5-minute walk from Yeung Kin Man Academic Building.

The Student Lawn at student’s residence, City University of Hong Kong is a great picnic spot!

A Walk with Nature

Taking out time from our hectic schedule to exercise is an uphill battle. Exercising is vital to allow oxygen to flow to our brain to function better. Don’t spend all your time in the library studying and mugging books. Take a break and go for a short hike along CityU’s hiking trail. Its starting point is next to the Nam Shan Entrance of CityU. The chirping sounds of the birds and the natural surroundings will soothe your mind. Take deep breaths and walk around. These are just some of the ways you can do to de-stress yourself. The trail takes around 30-40 minutes to complete which is the ideal time for a study break.

A small hike can help you take a break and release stresses!


City View and City Lights

If you like to study or relax with your friends with a breathtaking view, you definitely should head to the 8th floor of the Creative Media Centre. The stunning view of the skyline and high-rise buildings of Hong Kong can be enjoyed both during day and night time. The quiet atmosphere coupled with the magnificent architecture of the Creative Media Centre is also perfect for your Instagram feed. From time to time, various students’ artworks are displayed, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of art.

The 8th Floor Creative Media Centre provides you with a great view of the city vibes

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Don’t spend your whole university life just hiding in the library and mugging for exams. Spend time with your friends in different corners of the campus doing different things. That is what makes university life memorable. Along with working towards achieving good grades, do create memories around the CityU campus. Most of all, whenever you visit the campus after graduation, you can smile over the memories you have created on this campus.

Now go and explore CityU campus!


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Credit to DiverCity – Student Magazine, Global Services Office, City University of Hong Kong