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Your Not-so Usual Backpack Essentials: Studying Abroad

It is always important to be prepared! If you are one of the people who choose to spend long hours studying at the library, have back to back classes all day, or just simply always out, we have the perfect list of essentials for you!

Being an international student, you are also simply just immersing yourself in a new environment and getting accustomed to their culture. Here are some of the essentials you should totally carry in your backpack all the time!


Whether you’re on the west coast where it’s sunny all day or the east coast where it’s cold and rainy, a cap is truly a must! Caps are not only stylish but are also a great way for you to represent your school or sports team! Local bookstores usually have school merchandise available. If not, there are plenty of online stores that customize school merchandise!


Cardholders are great for keeping all your important IDs in one place. There are different types of cardholders, from keychain cardholders to even cardholders that can be stuck on your phone case. The stick-on cardholders are by far the most convenient way of keeping all your valuables in one place. Just don’t misplace your phone!

Water bottle + Metal Straw

Studying abroad is not an excuse to neglect eco-friendly ways. Always carry your own water bottle! There are plenty of water fountains and refiling your water bottle does not only refuse single-use plastic, but also saves some cash! Metal straws are also great especially if you love iced drinks!

Next time you visit your favorite coffee shop, refuse to take a single-use straw and use your metal straw instead.

Anything that reminds you of home

Although you’re having the time of your life in college, no doubt it can get lonely when homesickness hits you. It’s nice to have little trinkets with you that remind you of home. Whether it’s a photo of your family, photo of your pet, or notes that your friends gave you before you left, it’s important to still hold home close to your heart as you take on this new journey.

Here are just some of the not so typical backpack essentials that will surely come in handy! It’s important to be prepared, rain or shine with a cap! For organization, cardholders are definitely a great way to store your train cards, cafeteria card, and even your dorm card! Water bottles and metal straws are small ways to still do your part in helping the environment even if you’re busy in college. Lastly, don’t forget about your home. Have anything that reminds you of your friends and family cheering for you miles away.

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