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Your Ultimate Guide to Studying Abroad with a Scholarship

The Philippines has thousands of scholarships that can cover students’ education in the country, but did you know some of these scholarships can also financially support you elsewhere?

If you’re an adventurer who wants to pursue your higher education elsewhere, Edukasyon.ph has you covered with opportunities that can help you take that big step!

Dos and Don’ts of Applying in Scholarships

Applying for a college scholarship can take its toll on you but keep track of what you need to do with our no-nonsense guide and you’ll be fine!

Common Scholarship Questions: How to Answer Them

Many are called but few are chosen, indeed. So how do you get into that lucky chosen few? Get to know more about some of the most common scholarship interview questions and how to prepare for them.

Acing That Scholarship Interview: What Sets You Apart?

After going through all the tedious paperwork, you’ve finally started asking: how can you prepare for your scholarship interview? And what can you do to help you nab that scholarship?

Practical Ways to Keep Your Scholarship

On top of academics, how else can you keep your scholarship? Here’s what you can do to make sure that your education continues to stay within your reach.

Studying Abroad with a Minimal Budget

Want to know how to make ends meet with a limited amount of funds for your education abroad? Learn more ways on how you can keep yourself financially afloat.

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Why Should You Study Abroad?

Are you looking for a change in scenery along with your desire for higher education? Read this guide to know what benefits you can reap just by taking that step closer to those opportunities away from home!

Overcoming Your Fears Before Studying Abroad

Don’t let your fears and common misconceptions stop you from studying abroad – learn how you can take that major leap!

How to Convince Your Parents to Study Abroad

So you’re dead set on your career path and that studying abroad will help you get there, but how do you convince your parents that this is what you really want? Here’s what you can do to change their minds.

A Shy Person’s Guide to Studying Abroad

Are you naturally shy? Step out of your comfort zone and check out how studying abroad can benefit introverts like you!

What Can I Do In My Host Country?

So you’ve finally landed your dream school outside your home but you don’t know what to do while you’re there? Our guide can help you transition to your new life abroad!

Want to know more about life as a student outside the country? Learn more about studying abroad on Edukasyon.ph!