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8 Workspace Design Tips to Up Your Performance

Did you know your workspace design can totally alter your productivity, mood, health, and even academic performance? A messy space is a messy mind. So if you’re the type who thrives in organized chaos, it might be time to think about a solid clean-up. And possibly a redesign. So let’s talk ergonomics, productivity-boosting workspace design tips, and decluttering to get your life together.

Here’s how to fix your workspace design to boost your academic performance.

First of all: Only keep the essentials on your desk.

Only have the things you’re working on at that moment on your desk. Hide or set aside non-workables for the time being until you’re ready to face them. Out of sight, out of mind!

And when you’re not working, always keep your desk clear by default. It makes your workspace feel safe and approachable.

Keep your workspace clutter-free by keeping your bags off your desk

Take out what you need and stash your bag in your drawer, under your desk, or in your cabinet until you need it. Keep your line of sight distraction-free. After all, if you can use lockers in school, you can apply the same principle at home.

Get a decent, ergonomic office chair

If your chair is a standard hard-backed thing you sit on through the night, we are so sorry for your back pains. A good chair has back support (meaning it curves), an adjustable seat height, a cushion for lower back support, and swivels! Also, wheels and a swivel. For practicality and then fun.

Move your desk nearer to your window

Humans are essentially plants with complex feelings and organs. We need sunlight to live. These days, we’re running out of time to get more sun. So why not bring the brightness to you? Placing your desk near your window will get you a little bit of sunshine and boost your mood.

Keep your computer at arm’s length and at eye level

This isn’t a metaphor. Having a screen too close to your eyes can cause strain. Literally having your computer or any device with a screen at least an arm’s length away—sometimes more, depending on screen size—will prevent your eyes from getting sore.

Decorate in moderation

Again, you only want the essentials. Make a motivational vision board or gather your fave artworks and stick those to your wall. Get decorative items that are also functional. That may be a pen holder, a file organizer, a lamp, and a few stationery items.

Choose a fresh scent and also, clear the air!

Aromatherapy has been around for ages, so don’t exclude your sense of smell as a mood-boosting component. Get a candle or room spray in a scent that energizes you. Essential oils are cool, too.

Air out your room every so often as well. Open up those windows and let the place breathe. Indoor spaces can get stuffy sometimes and that can bog you down.

Go green and get a plant friend

Again with the essentials, keep your desk minimal but maybe set aside a spot for a leafy little guy. It brings more life into your workspace. Just make sure to put it in the line of some natural light. Plants are great for oxygenating a space, too! So that’s one way of boosting your productivity and health.

If you ever find yourself idling about one day, consider giving your workspace a makeover or a good tidying up. You’ll be surprised how much more productive you can get. Need more productivity pro-tips from us? Check out our All About Senior High section.

Get back to us on whether a standing desk or another study hack of ours got you the grades of your dreams. Better yet, tell your school stories with Edukasyon.ph! We’ve got an open call for student contributors!

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