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Don’t Be Ashamed to Have a Tutor

Have you ever had a tutor? Or do you know someone who’s had a tutor during your school days?

There is always that common misconception that having a tutor to help you with your academics is an embarrassing thing to admit in front of anyone. For some, having a tutor is supposedly an indicator that one is academically “weak” in any given subject.

But here lies the underlying truth that many don’t realize: everyone is unique with own set of strengths and weaknesses. Students who are naturally gifted might be good with words but might also have a certain aversion to numbers, for example. Others who are naturally blessed in athletics might struggle with reading comprehension.

Your academics are no different, either. Some students might be naturally gifted in the arts but are terrible at numbers.

Here’s where your beloved tutors come in.

What are tutors?

A tutor is an individual who is assigned to privately teach a subject to a student or two. There are no limits to the subjects a tutor can teach – from mathematics to science, tutors are around to help students understand any subject matter that they’re having difficulty in.

Tutors vs Teachers

While both can be found in school settings, tutors and teachers differ from each other in numerous ways.

Although both tutors and teachers share a common goal in teaching students, the latter is usually found in a traditional educational setting while the former exists due to a private arrangement. In this case, your parents are the ones who usually hire and pay for your tutors.

Teachers are also found in a classroom setting where they mainly teach a government-approved curriculum to a group of students. Tutors, however, can be found in a more private environment and are usually hired to teach students a subject that students want to learn.

You also can’t choose your teachers or modify their teaching methods. But you still have the power to pick your tutors or how they can teach you.

Tutors, however, aren’t your typical go-tos for when you need to pass an exam or two. They don’t have the power to magically help you pass your class, either. Tutors are there to help you grasp a certain concept of any academic subject that you’re having difficulty in. If you’re having a difficult time understanding Physics, for instance, your tutor is there to guide you in each concept that you’re having difficulty in.

But having a tutor doesn’t automatically mean you’re not smart enough to pass your classes! And if you’re still having doubts, these reasons are enough to convince you otherwise:

Tutors are there to help you understand a certain subject, not to embarrass you.

Tutors don’t exist to remind you that you’re weak in a certain subject – they’re merely around to help you understand a subject that you’re having trouble in.

The good thing about tutors is that their teaching methods are not necessarily restricted to a certain teaching style that you see in your typical classrooms, so if you’re having a hard time adapting to your teacher’s style in the classroom, your tutor can adjust to your needs and adjust to a teaching style that’s meant for you.

Tutors also provide their services to other individuals who don’t necessarily fail in their classes.

Tutors aren’t only limited to teaching students who are having difficulty in certain subjects – in fact, they extend their services to different kinds of people!

Student-athletes, for instance, usually have erratic class schedules since they tend to follow training sessions on top of their academics, so they usually need tutors to help them catch up with their academics. They’re also representing the school, after all. But in order for them to keep their scholarship perks, they’ll have to maintain a certain grade in order for them to continue playing their respective sport.

Did you also know that honor students get tutors? It might be hard for some to imagine how an individual who already scores near-perfect grades would even need a tutor, but even students from honor classes sometimes get tutors to help them understand their lessons in advance.

And yes, did you know that adults need tutors, too? Some jobs that are available today require strong internet connection to teach international students how to speak a certain language, for instance.

It’s also not unheard of for adults to hire private tutors who would teach them how to prepare for national exams. Aspiring young government professionals who aim to pass the Civil Service Exams sometimes hire tutors to teach them some concepts they might have forgotten in the past, such as mathematical equations.

Ultimately, having a tutor isn’t something you should be ashamed of! By the end of the day, what’s important is working on your weaknesses, and asking for help is never a shameful thing to do.

Getting a tutor also means being able to focus on your grades, which are also a few steps away from getting you closer to your dream career! So if you want to learn more about life in Senior High, check out more tips on Edukasyon.ph!