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Gaming The System: 6 Educational Video Games You Need To Try 

Teens everywhere have probably heard the same thing from mom or dad: that video games are ruining our eyes. It may be hard for parents to believe that “video games” and “education” actually go together. While video games may have the ability to distract many students, there are games out there that can actually help us become smarter. How? Well, many do so by letting you discover new interests virtually, such as modeling buildings, simulating flights, and more. These combine fun challenges with learning an array of skills. Read on to find out which educational games will help you level up beyond the classroom!

1. Microsoft Flight Simulator

three white-and-black jet planes 

This video game lets its players experience what it’s like to fly a plane from the comfort of their bedrooms—or anywhere, really! Even if you aren’t an aspiring pilot, the game can aid in learning navigation and basics of flying for beginners. Try this out with 80 different missions and assignments set around the world. 

2. SimCity 

aerial photography of buildings at daytime

SimCity challenges players to create and practice urban planning. This includes trying out residential, commercial, or industrial development along with looking after public services, transportation, and utilities. Through this game, you can learn how to manage set resources and make numerous decisions that will affect your city. Talk about responsibility!

3. Farming Simulator 

green corn plant field

True to its name, the Farming Simulator lets its players become farmers who take care of their crops and livestock to earn virtual money. Besides being an introduction to agriculture, this game is also a test of responsibility in making sure everything on your farm runs smoothly. 

4. Cut the Rope Series 

Popular on mobile phones, Cut the Rope challenges its players to use physics to solve puzzles. By cutting ropes and manipulating objects via touchscreen, this game is a good exercise in visualization. Budding architects or builders could use this game to experiment with different combinations/designs and test out their practicality. Additionally, the cute mascot of the game makes it hard to stop playing once you get into the groove of it! I used this game as a study break in middle school and found that it was a good way to destress in between study sessions. Best of all is that the game can be downloaded on smartphones for free!

5. 2048 

Want to practice your mental math skills? Look no further! In 2048, players need to use their logic and math skills to swipe numbered tiles in order to reach 2048. If two tiles of the same number connect, they add and become one. Sounds easy? Not so much when you start getting higher up the levels. 

6. Minecraft

If you haven’t lived under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the immensely popular game called Minecraft. But did you know that it can be used to teach kids everything from STEM to speaking a new language? Minecraft tests one’s spatial reasoning, construction, and planning skills. It has even been hailed as the ‘digital version of Lego’. Even if you aren’t a kid anymore, this game can be played by absolutely anyone. After all, like Lego, the only limits to Minecraft are your imagination! 

Hopefully, after learning about all these cool educational games, you now realize that learning can be fun too. Oftentimes, video games get stereotyped as bad for one’s schooling. The games above challenge that stereotype but only when used responsibly. Make sure that these games are played to complement your studies and not as a substitution to them. They can make for good breaks and supplement your studies when played in moderation. Learn away! 

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