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How To Keep Technology From Being A Study Distraction

Ever imagined going through a day without your phone?

Difficult? Yup.

Impossible? Nope!

Before smartphones and laptops became a thing, life was so much more than just swiping and tapping screens. We read the newspaper for news, listen to the radio for songs and watch TV for drama… and the list goes on. You get the picture! But fast forward to the present, we seem to have compressed life in a pocket handy gadget that does almost all things. Just think of an activity and it’s highly likely that there’s an app for it! 

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In the same way, there are a gazillion productivity apps in the market that can help you study smart for your upcoming exams. From study planners to social media blockers, technology’s gotchu covered! Have you downloaded one of those?

While these tools have been proven to help students like you to prep for those long quizzes, there’s also this other side of the spectrum that makes it harder for students to concentrate on the actual studying and focus more on the studying app. What will you do then?

Aside from finding it in your whole being to muster that self-discipline to keep yourself focused, here are five things you can do to keep technology from being a study distraction:


1. Make technology work for you.

Technology is meant to help you, not distract you. While it happens to be the latter for some reason, you can always choose to go back to its original design. Keep technology from being a study distraction by using it to actually study! After all, that’s what it is made for. What are the things that take away your focus while studying

Do you need to listen to something to be productive? There are apps for white noise. Do you find yourself distracted by all the texts, calls and notifs alerting your phone every now and then? There are apps for that too! When used right, technology can go back from being a study distraction to study companion. Now, that deserves a like!

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2. Use less online and more offline study tools.

Sure, there are really helpful apps that you can use during your study time. We get that! But if given the choice, maximize those options that won’t require you to use your gadgets—lest be connected to the black hole that is the Internet. Want to listen to songs while studying? Turn on the radio or music player. Need to keep track of time? Look at the wall clock. Help yourself from getting distracted by lessening opportunities that make it happen. How can your phone disturb you when it’s five feet away, right?

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3. Be accountable to real people.

Distractions can either be internal or external. In the same way, keeping yourself from it can either be solved internally or externally. When your focus level is negative zero, find someone to be your hero! Ask people to help you get that zero to a hundred by giving them permission to check on you and your progress from time to time. You’ll never know how a little push can make all the difference during your study time!

PS. Find people around you. Skip the urge to ask help from your social media friends! (read: trust us, one post, tweet or story can take a chunk of your study time real quick)

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4. Turn it off.

This is as direct as we could ever be: turn it off. Before you panic like every digital native without an Internet connection does, calm down. When we say “turn it off,” we mean more like deliberately going off the grid and taking time to study without the fear of missed calls and unread messages.

Give people a heads up that you’ll be in full acads mode for an hour or two. After all, you can always check ‘em updates later! If shutting down your phone isn’t an option, you can always put it on airplane mode.

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5. Know your study distraction.

Not all technology is a distraction and not all distraction is a technology. Sometimes, people are quick to blame the Internet for all the blur when there’s clearly other factors to be considered. Likewise, know what else distracts you during your study time. Aside from tech stuff, what else takes away your focus?

When you know your study challenges, it becomes easier to target and solve it. Who knows if you just need to declutter your study desk or get those cute highlighters?

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We’ve got technology to thank for A LOT of things. It has, no doubt, made our lives easier—student life, better! While we can never seem to have enough of it, make a conscious effort to keep it at bay when need be. Case for example, study time. And when its distracting powers seem unbearable, just remember these five tips!

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