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How to Prepare For Final Exams in a Week?

You’ve all been there before: frantically searching for your old notes and reading them until 4:00 AM just to prepare for your 8:00 AM class. Final exams can be a stressful time for every student, especially if you only have a few time left to prepare for it. After all the HOHOLs and Netflix-binging, how you wish you’ve started your review early right? Well, with just a couple of days before the #hellweek, here are some of the steps to better prepare (at least!) for your upcoming tests!

Just a friendly reminder, though: Never cram. Cramming is ineffective and can even be bad for your health because it presses too much stress on your brain. If you are aiming for a long-term retention of information, best to allot ample time for reviewing and scheduling breaks.

1. Organize your study area.

A messy table or room can be a distraction and prevent you from focusing on your lessons. To study properly, make sure you have enough space for your books, laptop and notes. Is there enough light? Is the room properly ventilated? Can you sit comfortably? Is it free from any distracting noise and sight (like your fave magazines, computer games or phone notifications)?

Some people prefer to play light background music, listen to a power Spotify playlist or maintain a totally silent environment. If you want to focus completely on your task, it’s also helpful to inform your parents or dorm mates that you are reviewing. This way, they’ll know when are the times you shouldn’t be disturbed.

2. Create a study outline.

Creating an outline will help you categorize the main topics and the subtopics under it that you need to study. You can check the course syllabus for this term. Determine how much hours you’ll need to spend on each subject. Just make sure to insert some study breaks so that you don’t over exhaust yourself!

Pro tip: Master the art of mind maps! Using visual diagrams like a mind map helps you process information better so you remember more of what you study. Get started by checking out free mind map templates here.

3. Search for your old quizzes and tests.

To have a feel of the exam, you can revisit your previous quizzes and try to retake them. This is one great way to familiarize yourself with the question formats. Practice on answering the test and set a time limit for each so you can somehow gauge your performance on the actual exam.

4. Ditch the chips.

Finishing each chapter tests and readings may make feel like you deserve some treat for yourself. Yeah, sure you do! But while it is true, it is best to snack on healthy food instead of burgers and fries. Your go-to sweets can give you sudden energy spikes, but they’ll only crash down after an hour. You need to maintain a constant level of energy and focus to be able to last throughout the day. So stay away from junk foods as much as possible and keep your body hydrated with water at all times.

5. Prep your things for the big day.

Before the actual day of the final exam, make sure you have a checklist of the things you need to bring tomorrow. Doing this will not only prepare you well but also, it can save you a lot of time looking up for things in case some unexpected thing happen on the big day (like waking up late or getting stuck in the morning traffic). Have extra pens and paper, ready your clothes and shoes and set an alarm —and never ever forget your school ID and exam permits!

Lastly, when all else fails…

Just believe in yourself! You can do it! 🙂

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