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How To Take Study Seriously In Group Study

It two heads are, indeed, better than one, then group studies are doing it right.

Whether it is to help you prep for that algebra exam next week or give you a head start for a difficult subject this semester, joining a group study is one of the effective ways to learn while having fun at the same time. Imagine hanging out with your friends to talk about… uhm, theories of evolution? (read: what a concept)

Although some students would prefer studying alone, there are perks to studying together that lone rangers would never know. Like for example, learning faster and beating procrastination. Sounds like a win!

However, while there are plenty of good reasons to go ahead and join one ASAP, not all group studies can help you get those A+ grades anytime soon. Just as studying alone has its dangers a.k.a. naps that take forever, group studies also have its downsides. For starters, more people can also mean more distractions. So how do you then make the most out of a study sesh with your pals?

Here are five important reminders to keep your game faces on during a group study:

1. Agree on the ideal setup.

No two group studies ever look alike. Since different people go for different study needs, a clear picture of what to expect is a must. Plan how you want to go about it to ensure an effective group study!

Unless nothing’s been agreed on, a group study hangout will most likely end up as a hangout than a group study #realtalk. How many will join? When’s the best time and day to meet? Where’s the most conducive place to study? These are just some of the important deets your study group needs to settle ASAP.

Group Study Tip:
Decide an allotted time for your session. Make sure it’s not too short that lessons feel hurried, but also not too long that it’s already dragging!



2. Delegate roles and tasks.

When roles are clear, and tasks are coordinated, it’ll be easier to maximize the group study since everyone knows their part to play. You can assign a leader for each session, a moderator to keep track of time, and even other roles you think are necessary to make your discussions more alive and productive. Plus, a facilitator to ensure everyone gets to participate in the conversation sounds good too!

Group Study Tip:
Take turns with role assignments. Not only is it a good training to keep your group dynamic, it also helps in creating more ownership for it. All hands on deck, yes?

i'm in charge


3. Make sure to come prepared.

Here’s a fact: there’s more you can accomplish together in study groups than when you go solo and study alone. And here’s where it usually goes wrong: students come to study groups unprepared and end up studying alone… together. Get the picture? Don’t make the same mistake.

Bring your game face on! Have all your notes, books and other reference materials prepared ahead of time. You don’t want to spend half the time rewriting your reviewers, right?

Group Study Tip:
Let everyone have a ready list of questions they need help with, as well insights they think can help the group. When everyone shows up ready, you can bet on nothing but a time well-spent!



4. Challenge each other.

One of the things that make group studies effective are the opportunities to process lessons together—the easy, the hard and everything-in-between. Maximize your study time by challenging each other with a recitation sesh or a quick quiz to test what you’ve learned so far. Share personal study habits and productivity hacks that work for you too. You’ll never know how helpful those tips are until the grades are out and about!

Group Study Tip:
Know your personal learning style a.k.a. how you learn best so your peers can help you that way. But while you’re not yet sure, a no-fail way to study better is to involve as many senses as possible. Try it!

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5. Take breaks in between.

Although this seems like a no-brainer, this is often overlooked by students who are soooo deep in their studying that they feel like they can go on forever without moving an inch (read: that’s you!). Sure, you’re in the mood and you don’t want to cut the moment short. But trust us, your brain needs a break and so do you. Take short breaks every hour or so just to pause and breathe. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to take too much of your time!

Group Study Tip:
Take this time to loosen up and have fun! If there’s anything, group studies should always be fun and never boring. After all, that’s the only learning that counts.

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When done right, joining a study group can really give your academic performance a boost. And who knows, even build a stronger friendship with your squad! Whether you’re still planning to create your study group or you’ve been going to one for a while now, take down these important reminders to help you make the most out of your study sesh!

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