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Study Smarter, Faster with Super Study Sessions

Some of college life’s complexities are the erratic schedule changes, rearranged priorities, and figuring out how to get through the College Bermuda Triangle. AKA: the balancing act between having a social life, doing well in your academics, whilst getting enough sleep (and sanity, TBH).

To get through this alive, we all have to figure out some sort of way to spend time and energy efficiently. Learning to manage your time and expectations will give you enough leeway to tick items off your to-do list before Friday fun with your friends. A helpful hack? Having your own super study sessions.

Super study sessions are blocked times in your day dedicated to accomplishing tasks. A big factor to your super study sessions is understanding your own study habits and knowing when you’re at your best and most productive.

Note that you shouldn’t compare your habits and best practices to anyone else, as these preferences vary from one person to the next. In fact, figuring out your own super study session will let you know yourself better and find some quirks you never even knew you had!

Let’s get you started with this set of questions!

Knowing these will give you momentum to get your super study session rolling. Once you figure out when you’re at your best, apply these techniques to maximize your study sessions.

Have water beside you.

Keeping yourself hydrated keeps you energized and moving more fluidly. While caffeine boosts your energy, too much of it induces anxiety. And that jittery, overthinking feeling isn’t something you’d want to feel while trying to accomplish your goals.

Don’t be in a too-comfortable position

It’s one thing to be comfortable and another to be too comfortable. Being too comfortable slows down processes in your system and makes you feel the urge to rest. Make sure your body is aware that it needs to be in tip-top shape and is preparing to slay the tasks of the day. Keeping it in an upright position is a good way to send that signal.

Keep your line of sight within what you need

Out of sight, out of mind. This is especially true when you’re on laser focus mode! Get the best out of it by clearing your table of items you don’t need to tick off the goals at hand. Remember: if it’s not helping you, it’s distracting you. Focus!

Keep your phone away

Speaking of distractions, one of the biggest ones these days is our mobile phone. From the way-too-tempting notifications to the urge to check social media every so often, it becomes difficult to have a super study session when you’re constantly distracted. Help yourself by stowing your phone away until after the session. You’ll thank us later!

Take breaks, too

Even in laser focus mode, remember you are still human. So yes, you are allowed to take breaks. But having more breaks than study time can become destructive. It’s best to schedule these breaks and set an ample amount of time for all of them. While you’re at it, make sure your breaks make you feel energized. Try getting in a few stretches, bathroom breaks, or maybe a walk to refill your bottle of water.

Turn super study sessions into a habit

Turning something into a habit sends a signal to your brain to function a certain way when in a certain situation or environment. If you really want to make the most out of your super study sessions, turn them into habits. It could be clocking in these sessions at the same time, having a pre-study routine, or studying in the same place. Give yourself the atmosphere to remind you that every time you send a cue, you’re ready to rock and roll those assignments away!

Having these super study sessions won’t only help you pull up your grades, but also give back a certain balance to your life. You’ll have more time to sleep and socialize with new and old friends without having to compromise your future!

If you want to know more on how to make your College Life extra fun and productive, we’ve got more in store for you. Come over to Edukasyon.ph and let us know what you’d like to know more about. See you there!