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The Dreamiest Study Places for All-Nighters in Cebu

What keeps you up at night? Sometimes it’s our dreams. But often it’s our studies.

It’s probably a major exam your reviewing for, a hundred-page case study, or a lengthy paper on a topic you’re trying to understand. Can’t be helped. Sometimes you’ve just got to pull that all-nighter. And when you do, you’ve got to find the perfect spot, right? It’s got to have caffeine, a decent vibe, and better WiFi.

Need somewhere to not fall asleep tonight? Here are four ideal study places in Cebu for a caffeine-driven all-nighter.  


Workplace Cafe 

It’s the epitome of coworking spaces in the locale. Workplace Cafe has it all: handcrafted beverages, abundant power outlets, ergonomic seats, and fiber wifi from three service providers. The cafe also offers print and scan services, as well as fully equipped conference rooms. 

They serve even more free snacks and drinks, which come in handy when you’re with groupmates. The best part? Power nap stations. A space with beanbags and pillows you can plop on for a bit of shut-eye.

They charge PHP 50 for the first hour and PHP 40 for succeeding hours. Make your stay worthwhile with complimentary brewed coffee or iced tea. The Workplace Cafe has three branches in Ramos, Mandaue, and Banawa, all open 24/7.


Brown Cup 

The Brown Cup is like a second home. With its small, cozy space and warm tones, the cafe’s ambiance puts you at ease. Here, it’s almost second nature to fall into a corner seat, open up a book, and get lost reading. If you’re hungry, it’s also known for its all-day breakfast, Pinoy rice meals, savory pork chop, and the ever delectable brown cup on ice. 

The Brown Cup has multiple branches but only the one in IT Park offers 24/7 services, from Mondays to Fridays. They close at 2:00 a.m. on Saturdays, and earlier on Sundays.


Coffee Prince Cebu

Everyone’s favorite cafe is Coffee Prince Cebu. Good for hangouts with friends with open mic performances. Even better, of course for all-nighters. 

Meals and drinks are over the top and there’s WiFi and outlets at almost every table so you can count on staying long. Coffee Prince was designed so that noise from other customers won’t be a distraction. The cafe also has pillows, in case you need a brief power nap. 

You can find Coffee Prince Cebu in Capitol Site. It’s open 24 hours every day! Though the upper section closes around 2:00-3:00 a.m.



Desko is a fresh co-working space gaining attention for good reason. There’s a study lounge, snack bar, unli-beverages, and even lockers. The cafe also boasts high-speed internet, desks paired with outlets, and a clean, modern interior that gets you in the zone. 

Desko offers an affordable hourly rate of PHP 25, with PHP 50 for the first hour. It is situated in Cityscape Tower, Juana Osmena Street and is open for all hours.


These learning spots will definitely help your all-nighters feel dreamy and light rather than stressful. Check out this all-nighter starter pack to help you prep effectively, too. 

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