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The Ultimate Edukasyon.ph Study Hacks Masterpost

If you’ve been following our blog lately, we’ve been pretty heavy-handed on study hacks. We know how tiresome and stressful studying can be. As former students, we learned ways to maneuver through the stressors of daily high school and college life. So to make life even easier for you guys, we made this consolidated guide to all our Study Hacks!

Go put the pro back in productivity, and not in procrastination! Check out our Study Hacks tag for more!

Study Hacks We Wish They Taught Us In School

Time Management Tips to Beat Procrastination

Rule of thumb: Manage your tasks first and then manage your time. Still, we know how it’s way easier said than done. For when the deadline somehow looms closer than ever, here are tricks by a veteran procrastinator to help you survive.

How to Take Effective (and Pretty!) Notes

Be like that one kid in class whose notebook belongs in a museum. Except you don’t need full confidence in your penmanship—it’s okay if your scrawl is just passable, just make sure it’s readable. Get your notes organized and we can (almost) guarantee you’ll get better grades.

RRL Hacks for STEM Students

Academic writing can sometimes drag your paper along. It’s the RRL that often gets intimidating and stressful especially when you’ve got loads of sources. So here’s a guide to doing it a little bit quicker. You can’t avoid the RRL, sorry, but we hope we made it a little easier.

Study Hacks to Pass Your Upcoming Entrance Exam

We remember the stress of balancing college prep, senior high school homework, a social life, extracurriculars, and everything else. So share this with a senior friend who’s drowning in academic requirements and review class mock tests. Share this to save a life.

Study Hacks for School Days

How to be the Groupmate Everyone Wants

Be the groupmate you wish to see out in the world. We firmly believe this is a life skill and a valuable personality trait. Nobody likes a freeloader or a ghoster. If there’s anything you need to check out on this study hacks masterpost, it’s this.

Hacks to Memorizing Your Classmates’ Names

On the first day of class, everyone says their name and a fun fact about themselves. It’s all fun and games until the first month flies by and you still can’t remember that person who sits behind you. Avoid the social awkwardness with these hacks. Don’t worry, we got you.

Online Study Hacks: Optimize Your Digital Space.

YouTube Channels That Improve Your Brainpower

Okay, so you can’t help but take a breather. Might as well learn on the side or be productive in another way. Don’t worry, these channels aren’t going to stress you out. In fact, you might find yourself destressing and laughing as you watch along. Keep the binge to a minimum, you guys!

Study Smarter With These Google Chrome Extensions

Seriously, Google Chrome is the greatest browser ever. You can customize your new tab, add a productivity timer, even put an autocorrect tool that won’t change unknown words to weird alternatives. Bonus: a fake news blocker. Thank you, responsible journalism!

10 Useful Websites for Smarter Studying

Make your presentations so aesthetically pleasing your teacher won’t have a choice but to pass you. Organize your files on the cloud. Also, we shamelessly plugged Edukasyon.ph because we value your education and your future.

Do you have study hacks we didn’t cover yet? Share them with us! You can contribute to our All About Senior High or College Life sections, since we’re open to student contributors on the Edukasyon.ph blog!

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