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Time Management 101: How You Can Better Maximize Your 24 Hours

Sorry to disappoint but there’s no magic or formula.

It’s just really better handling of your time.

If there’s a timeless problem (pun intended) that people of all ages would agree on, it’s probably time management (or mismanagement?). Next to love, of course! In fact, it’s highly likely that just within this week, you’ve heard a friend rant about his/her tight schedule with barely any time to pause and you know… breathe. It’s as if even breathing needs to be scheduled nowadays, for reals. And also, plot twist: that friend happens to be you.

The truth is, you don’t have to live tirelessly. You don’t have to run from one class to the other, skip meals to finish a project, or even lose sleep just to squeeze in deadlines. You have a choice to live unhurriedly and still get things done (yup, you read that right!). Who knows, you might even have ‘free’ time you didn’t know existed a minute ago.

While these time management tips aren’t new AT ALL, it’s good to be reminded once in a while. Until finally, you make time to actually apply it in your life. So go ahead, it’s time to dig in!


Be aware of your time.

You cannot manage what you don’t know. Like in budgeting your money, you need to know how much you have to know what to do with it. How much time do you have? How much of your 24 hours is allotted for studying? For hanging out with your friends? When you’re well aware of your time, only then can you start managing it wisely.

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Plan your schedule.

It’s been said before and we’re saying it again: good planning is half the battle. There’s a reason why planners are such a hit for busy people! Number one, it keeps them sane. Number two, there’s no number two. Planning your schedule allows you to put your life in order (or at least, try!) and keep you from getting overwhelmed with mental notes of your responsibilities. List them down! By then, it’s easier to know what needs to be done ASAP and what can be put off on a later date. #priorities

know your priorities


Choose productivity.

Unlike computer shops, there’s no extending your 24 hours in a day #sadt. It’s fixed and it’s precious. So a good question to ask is this: What do you do with your time? While it’s true that everyone has the same hours in a day, not everyone gets to accomplish as much as everyone else. Make every moment count. Do things that are worth the time (and effort) you put in. Carpe diem!

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Take time to rest.

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Rest. Pause. Breathe. It’s okay! The very reason you take the time to read this article is a pretty good indicator that to some extent, you need a break from life (at least for a moment, that is). Some people think that the more they do, the more they accomplish. Well, that’s partly true. But when you’re on the verge of breaking down a.k.a burnout, is there anything you can accomplish rightly?  Trust us, you’re better off rested.

PS. It doesn’t have to be long! It just has to be enough to keep you going.

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Stop procrastinating.

Don’t. kid. yourself. There’s already enough tomorrows you had to put off to do your tasks. Stick to your schedule and give yourself enough time to accomplish things. When you procrastinate, there’s A LOT of things that are being affected. For starters, you! So stop procrastinating and start doing. While there are tons of tips and tricks to break the habit, you can start with the basics like minimizing distractions and focusing on a single task! (read: multitasking. is. a. scam.)

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Sure, you can’t add more minutes to your time but you can do more with your minutes by handling your time better. Before another episode of life happens strikes again, let these five time management tips guide you to the unhurried, productive life you’ve always wanted. Because it’s possible!

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