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Hit The Books! Check Out These Cebu Libraries For Your Next Research

Libraries are our avenues to academic resources, which are critical in schoolwork and research. They’re also great alternatives to co-working spaces and cafes, since they’re typically free! While the internet may have made research easier, it also comes with credibility problems: editable and removable websites, not to mention paid academic resources. 

Libraries don’t have these drawbacks, though. While they require time and effort to get there, isn’t that A+ worth it?

Based in Cebu? Here are three libraries in Cebu City you can visit for all your research and academic needs!


Cebu City Public Library and Information Center

The Cebu City Public Library is a fountain of knowledge within the Cebuano community. 

It houses a vast collection of rare and valuable reads on Cebuano culture. It’s got a long history, too. It was established 100 years ago on April 13, 1919! It’s also known as the Rizal Memorial Library and Museum.

More than that, the Cebu City Public Library is the first library in the Philippines that’s open 24/7! Plus: No entrance fee, multiple power outlets, free WiFi, and coffee available for a small fee. No computer? No problem. There are computer stations that you can use for free. Though quite tight, it’s a haven for students on a budget. 

Need an art break? Visit their museum where there’s a collection of Cebuano paintings, sculptures, and antiques.

Located near the heart of the city at Osmena Boulevard, the library is not only accessible, but it also prioritizes students first. Cafes like Coffee Prince Cebu and Bo’s Coffee are also nearby in case you want to eat or to study out after a long day of research.


Josef Baumgartner Learning Resource Center

The Josef Baumgartner Learning Resource Center (JB-LRC) is the largest Philippine library to date, boasting a brilliant and abundant collection of resources. JB-LRC has sections in general reference, humanities, social sciences, development, science and technology, energy management, Cebuano studies, Filipiniana, Caroliniana, international, serials, and even rare books. 

The Learning Resource Center also provides a cataloging section so you can find books on certain topics. The knowledge navigation center assists in CD/DVD resources and online databases. 

There’s even a perk room where people can take phone calls, get some sleep, munch on snacks, and hang with friends. Bored? They’ve got board games, too. 

Since it’s situated in the University of San Carlos, Talamban Campus, non-students have to pay a fee. 


University of San Jose-Recoletos Library 

The University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJR) Library is the university library of one of Cebu City’s top schools. Located along Magallanes Street, it caters to university students, faculty, and staff. Non-university guests are also welcome for a fee. 

Now down a cup of coffee, eat a hearty meal, and venture into these new learning spaces. Information overload? Here are our tips on reading through long research articles and reading books fast.


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