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Top Hacks to Sharpen Your Memory

Having trouble recalling your History professor’s name? Did you forget the math problem you were taught this morning? Memory gap is not just for senior citizens. Students as young as you can suffer from forgetfulness, too!

Students are constantly bombarded with new knowledge day in and day out so having a sharp memory is essential. Here are some fun, easy-to-do hacks to improve your memory:

  1. Listen to audio

Not everyone is a studious reader. If you are the kind of person who drowses off just by the sight of a thick textbook, why not try listening to an audiobook version instead? If you need help memorizing a long list of concepts or theories, find and listen to an MP3 format about it and write down important notes to help you better understand the subject you’re reviewing.

  1. Doodle it

Time to bring out the artsy side in you. Create notes based on what you have learned. You can even use different pen colors in jotting down notes. Aside from seeing your favorite colors, it also helps in memorizing details by increasing one’s attention level.

  1. Map your thoughts

Using mind mapping is a cool way to break down and de-clutter your thoughts. Think of a general idea (Managing Finances) and write it down at the center of a page and then branch out into sub-concepts (i.e. income, expenses, savings). The sub-concepts may branch out into little twigs, too (i.e. Income: allowance, part-time job salary; Expenses: tuition fee, school materials). You can make mind mapping more creative by using images to help you visualize more.

  1. Use mnemonic devices

Remember the song that goes, “One, two, tie my shoe. Three, four, knock at the door” used by your pre-school teachers in teaching you how to count? How about the ROY G BIV you proudly recite in elementary citing the rainbow colors? These are mnemonic devices that help you boost your memory by associating things or ideas into a catchy new word. This is a useful way to remember things you use or encounter every day like your market list, names of the people you meet, or their contact numbers.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

While it is common for college students to stay up all night reviewing and cramming for exams, it’s important to remember that being well-rested provides better brain alertness. It allows you to focus more and understand complicated things better. When you are sleepy, the chances of committing mistakes and misunderstanding lessons are higher.

  1. Play games

Who doesn’t love games? To keep your brain in tiptop shape, stretch it out! Brain games like crossword puzzles, sudoku, or jigsaw puzzles are some of the classic brain teasers. It improves memory, cognition, and focus. Apps like Lumosity, a program developed by cognitive psychologists from Stanford University and the University of California, offers brain training programs with over 30 games.

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