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Traffic Jams: Productivity-Boosting Podcasts and Playlists

We listen to whatever’s on the radio or on our default playlists, to distract ourselves from the traffic. But instead of just numbing our minds with “whatever’s on,” why not feed ourselves with some brain food?

Here’s a list, if you want a break from all the LSS-inducing commercial jingles, the repetitive Top 20, and the radio shows that turn into white noise. We need a little brain food sometimes. Make your commute a little more productive with these (smart) tunes and talk shows.



We get it, you sometimes get dizzy reading stories in moving vehicles. So why not try podcasts? Podcasts are usually a series of radio talk shows, where episodes revolve around a certain topic, ranging from pop culture, to news, comedy, and even fiction.

TED Talks Daily

Productivity Podcasts: TED Talks Daily. Get these talks straight to your phone!

So you want to watch a TED Talk, but you can’t pull out your phone while walking or on a jeep? Well, TED has a podcast where they post audio recordings of their talks, and it’s all up on Spotify for free. Get inspired and educated while on the go.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Productivity Podcasts: Stuff You Missed in History Class

The title pretty much says all. It’s less about the dates and places and more about strange facts and the lesser-known people who never made it into our books. Make it to class with a new fun fact for the day!

Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness

Productivity Podcasts: Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. Very informative, super easy to understand.

Loved Queer Eye? Well, Fab Five member Jonathan Van Ness has a talk show where he gets curious with an intellectual every week. You’ll come out of each episode more informed and more fabulous. And it’s all on Spotify for free! Can you believe?


To feel more energized and focused, listen to music with a steady beat or flow. It also helps to listen to songs without lyrics, or with lyrics that you’re not familiar with, because when you’re not distracted by the words, you are more inclined to focus on other things.

Lofi Hip Hop Beats To Study To

We had to put it here. Because, well, it’s a meme. And it’s out. For free. On Spotify. Be the cool infinitely looping, always studying anime girl you’ve always aspired to be.

Jazzy Beats

If you consider yourself an old soul with modern tastes, this might be your sound. It’s relaxing but with the right amount of upbeat.

Easy Classical

Go back to basics with the likes of Bach and Mozart. Let those concertos and symphonies put you in a state of flow.

Bonus Round: Stuff To Watch On A Long Commute

Modern Love, Amazon Prime

Image result for modern love amazon prime gif

Can you really call yourself a hugotera if you haven’t yet read any pieces from Modern Love, the New York Times’ series on, well, the aches and joys of love in the 21st century? Okay, if you don’t have the time to read, we won’t judge. You can watch it instead! On Amazon! The cast is great, but the hugot lines are even greater. (Pro-tip: You can get a 6-month subscription to Amazon Prime Video here!)

Art Cooking, The Art Assignment, YouTube

Image result for art cooking the art assignment gif

This series combines food and art in such a playful way that you probably won’t stop bingeing. It’s funny, and watching the host sometimes fail at cooking is almost reassuring. Even when you’re learning about the greats, you kind of realize that not everything has to be perfect on the first try.

EdTV, YouTube

shameless plug for EdTV

Shameless plug. Sorry not sorry. What kind of list would this be without something… edukasyonal? Since we’re already here, why not give our very own channel a browse? We’ve got career conversations, challenges, and more!

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