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What Type of Planner Should You Buy For An Awesome 2019?

With the yuletide season fast-approaching, you know what’s one thing that’s keeping people busy other than buying presents or planning long vacations? Writing new year’s resolutions. Be the top in your class, get fitter, save money and never procrastinate ever again! Sure it’s great to start your year with a clear goal in mind; but to achieve them all, you’ve got to make sure you stick to them AND BE ORGANIZED. Whether you’re the super busy scheduler or the planner/diary/scrapbook type looking for a 2019 planner, here are some of the best planners for your personality type:

1. For the pro-scheduler

Final exams from 8:00 to 10:00am, org meeting at 1:30pm, gym class at 3:00pm —if you’re the type of student who is always running around the campus and juggling through different appointments, it’s best to have a planner that could keep your school+extra-curriculars on track. Calendar planners that have day to day entries can help you map out every task and schedule them every hour. Aside from these, there are also planners that leave room for notes in case you want to make special reminders. Look for a 2019 planner with clean-cut designs. It gets rid of confusions with scheduling and allows you to make the most of your meetings.

2. For the traditionalist

Traditional planners vary depending on the brand that you’re going to purchase. However, one of the common most features they share is the weekly entries. Compared to those that have hour to hour entries, weekly planners provide plenty of space for you to write daily reminders and activities as well as spare pages in case you need to take some notes or doodle.

3. For the busy-artsy

So you want to keep your notes neat and chic but then piles of college projects leave you no time to decorate? If you’re the busy but artsy type of student, try to look for decorative, low maintenance 2019 planner. Some brands provide stickers that you can use to customize your notes without doing much effort. Others have inspirational quotes to keep you motivated while some planners are designed with awesome layouts on every page. So you still have the functionality of regular planners without getting bored with dull, plain white pages.

4. For the crafter

If you want to be extra with your planner, there are plain paged or dotted journals that give you the freedom to add little personal touch to your notes. These type of planners allow you to practice your DIY skills so you can customize each page as much as you want whether you’re in for a sticker parade, doodle spree, long journal entries or other ideas that will help you organize your stuff.

5. For the slacker

If you’re the type of person who prefers digital planning over papers, there are available note-taking apps that you can download online. You can even sync them on your phone, tablet or laptop so you are always on track of the important tasks that are on your schedule. You can even set alarms so you won’t forget anything.

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