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Youtube Channels For Different SHS Strands

We’ve all been in this scenario before: surfing the internet to study our lessons or to research for a project. But after a moment, you realize that you’ve wasted an hour or so scrolling on your feeds, laughing at random memes, or watching your favorite videos on Youtube. Sounds familiar, right?

Class lessons may seem boring. But what if we tell you that there’s an easy way to learn your subjects? Microlearning is a kind of learning method where information is presented in small “nugget-sized” entertaining content. Luckily, you can find bite-sized, educational videos on Youtube. These Youtube videos will help you understand complex subjects without getting overloaded with lots of information.

Whatever your Senior High School strand is, here are helpful Youtube channels that are sure to beef up your learning:

Youtube channels for STEM learners:

The SciShow

The SciShow is a series of videos on Youtube hosted by Hank Green and Michael Aranda. The channel features weird and fascinating lessons in a light and cool way. SciShow covers various subjects including biology, chemistry, medicine, psychology, physics, and a lot more! Whether you want to know more about fluid dynamics, curious why bees buzz, or want to explore the wonders of the ocean, you can find it on the SciShow!


What would happen if an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? What is the sound of hydrogen? How far away is tomorrow? Have you ever been bothered about these random questions about science and the world we live in? If yes, you can find some of the answers to these questions on MinutePhysics.

MinutePhysics started in 2011 as an educational Youtube channel hosted by Henry Rich. Now it has over 4.5 million subscribers. The channel has tons of videos about quantum mechanics, laws of motion, and other complex science topics simplified in less than 3 minutes!

The Amoeba Sisters

Mitosis, Osmosis, and Protein Synthesis, if you love Biology, let this cute little sis help you learn Biology lessons in a quick, humorous way! Join the Amoeba Sisters as they break down science concepts for you. Now you can proudly say that ~Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell~. (wink!)

Youtube channels for ABM students:


Even for students who love Math, dealing with numbers can still be quite a challenge. If the thought of solving long math formulas, counting, and finding Xs always make you cringe, PatrickMJT will make learning math simpler for you!

The Numberphile

Crunching numbers is possible even with those who have “Math phobia”. The Numberphile aims to explain various Math principles in its series of short videos on Youtube. You can also find content like Winning at Rock Paper and Scissors and How random is a coin toss, if you ever wondered.

Youtube channels for the HUMSS strand:

Ted-Ed History

How did Magellan circumnavigate the globe? What gives a currency bill its value? What happened during the French Revolution?  Studying history may seem boring, but it doesn’t have to be! With Ted Ed’s playlist, you no longer have to read through long, plain pages of history books to get the answers to the above questions. Ted-Ed History provides short animated clips that tackle various topics on notable people and important events that happened in human history!

Youtube channels for TVL enthusiasts:


How to build a telescope? How does HDR TV work? If you are the type of student who wants to know the nuts and bolts of things, you’ll love HowStuffWorks on Youtube. HowStuffWorks features informative videos about a wide range of topics including technology, automobiles, home and gardening, and a whole lot more!

Want to know more ways to increase your learning? Here are other Youtube Channels that will make you smarter! You can also check out our Study Hacks blog page now for more study tips!