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Work-Life Balance

3 Teachers Tell Us What’s On Their Wish List

Teachers, we all know that your job is not easy. You pour out your time and energy to 30 or so students all day. Then you spend more hours at home, grading papers and preparing lesson plans.

You don’t always get paid enough for what you do. Yet you keep going anyway. All for the love of  teaching, so that your students can succeed. As we thank you for inspiring us to chase our dreams, we realize we have rarely thought about yours.

So this World Teachers’ Day, we’re shining a spotlight on our dear educators by learning about their hopes and dreams. We asked three teachers to tell us about their ultimate wishes:      

Freedom from money worries    

Many teachers want to live out their passion while also earning enough money for themselves and their families.  

But teachers struggle to make ends meet with a low salarywith unforeseen expenses being an even bigger challenge. For that reason, teachers know it’s important to save money so they can secure their future. With just the right amount of money, they imagine a worry-free life with their loved ones.

Angela (26, College Professor, Media and Theatre Arts/ Philippine Literature/ Philosophy/ Philippine Popular Culture) expresses a concern that many other teachers will relate to: “I’m not the type of person who wants to be rich. And so even if my bread and butter is teaching, I don’t really do it just to earn. I do it because I love it.

However, since I’m starting my own family, my only wish is for me to get better and more stable compensation which would be just enough, for me to save for our family’s future.

This wish goes not just for me but to all my fellow teachers out there whose lifelong struggle is to get better pay in the profession they’ve been offering their lives into, every single day.”

Fulfilling life beyond the classroom walls

Marlon (24, Grade 12 Teacher, Practical Research 1) quips, on finding love, “Okay na sa kabila ng pagiging babad sa pagtuturo ay may katuwang kang karelasyon.”

Meanwhile, Angela  talks about living life to the fullest by pursuing her passions outside teaching. She hopes for “better health and fitness through my sport, dragon boat, and join more races in and out of the country . . . and to spend more time with my husband-to-be before having kids.

Learn, teach, repeat

As much as they love to teach, teachers also love to learnnot for their own sake, but for the sake of their students.

Precious (22, High School Art Teacher) shares, “I wish to just keep learning for the rest of my life . . . Problem is that post-grad education is expensive and teachers have to not only balance work-study routines, but consider the financial implications of it.

There are so many grave consequences when you don’t make the effort to grow as a teacher. Labels that you’re ‘outdated’ or ‘boxed’ in your ideals are what we try to avoid . . .  Basically our lives revolve around the commitment to learn with and for our students.”

Meanwhile, Marlon says, “Ang wish ko ay makapag-aral abroad, ma-expose sa educational strategies, practices, at design ng schools sa ibang bansa at magamit iyon dito . . . ang priority ko lang ay mapalalim pa yung knowledge ko at mapalawak yung experiences ko so that I can be more fueled to stay in this career.”

And for Angela, her wish is “to finish my Master’s degree and pursue a doctoral degree so that I’ll have more to share with my students.”

No doubt, teachers are selfless by nature. Even when asked to talk about themselves, they readily directed their wishes towards others.

To all our beloved teachers, may your voices be heard through these stories. Know that we recognize your aspirations and hope you find fulfillment in your noble profession.

Happy Teachers’ Day!