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Work-Life Balance

5 Ways To Avoid Losing Yourself in the Workplace

Explore your field, enjoy your career, and be the best you can ever be —you were full of ideals when you were a student. But upon entering the corporate world, working almost the whole day, battling with the infamous traffic daily, juggling through different tasks, and losing yourself in the workplace, you realized that things are easier said than done.

Suddenly you can’t help but ask yourself, “Is there anything more to this life than computing taxes, coding programs, or endlessly typing articles? Am I no more than just my job title?” If you feel like your professional life is already stealing your happiness, here are ways to re-establish your identity despite your busy schedule:

Work smarter, not harder

If you feel like you are always occupied with work that you no longer have time for other personal things, then it’s time to stop working hard, and start working smart. Create a list of your tasks in a day so you can keep track of your accomplishments and focus on the other things that are still on your plate. If you are having trouble in prioritizing tasks, use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix. It is an effective way to sort activities based on their importance and urgency. There are also apps that you can use to increase your productivity.

Step back and relax

Unless your work schedule is on weekends, avoid working on the weekends. Take a step back from your loads of paperwork. You owe yourself some pamper time. You don’t necessarily have to go for a weekend getaway and watch the sunset on the beach just to relax (although it would be extremely great!). Even a simple walk in the park breathing some fresh air or giving yourself well-deserved sleep can do the trick.

Connect with your family

Losing yourself in the workplace can sometimes make you zone out while spending time with your friends and families. While it’s true that your managers or your boss are important persons in your professional life, remember that you also have a life outside of work. Just because you’re now working doesn’t mean HOHOLs with your BFFs are no longer possible. Limit work chatter at home. Have some dinner with your family. Watch a great movie with a loved one. Spending some quality time with these equally important people can actually give you the energy you’ll need for the next workday.

Continue a hobby

Working on a set of tasks regularly can help you improve your skills in that area. However, at some point, you may tend to get bored so you really have to get a life outside of your usual routine. If you love cooking, why not cook your own office baon? If you love arts and crafts, why not turn your hobby into a side-hustle? Pursuing a hobby is not just a way to avoid losing yourself in the workplace. It can also be a way to highlight your skills in other areas. Shifting your mind to other things that interest you can bring you perspectives other than just your current day-to-day job context.

Seek out professional help

It’s always good to connect with people who can understand your situation. If the work-life balance struggle is starting to drag you down, you can talk to your office’s employee engagement officer or seek some professional advice from corporate psychologists. They can help you find ways to reconnect with yourself and adapt a healthy work and personal lifestyle.

While it’s never bad to work hard and push yourself when reaching for your goals, it’s also important to be aware of yourself and not lose sight of your identity in the workplace. There are many ways to excel in your field, pursue your aspirations, and celebrate yourself.

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