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6 Ways to Keep Your Social Media Image Spotless While Employed

Should you keep those political tweets on your Twitter account available? Should you confirm your boss’s friend request while at it? Or should those photos from last Saturday’s party stay visible on your Instagram for everyone to see?

Just because you’ve kept your feed spotless during your job hunt and scored that job eventually doesn’t mean you’re scot-free! Being professional in your job also means extending that same courtesy to millions of users in social media, and your employers will surely watch out for your name, especially if it pops up on social media!

So with eyes watching your social media account, what can you do to keep your social media image squeaky-clean while you’re employed?

When in doubt, delete.

The “Delete” button is your best friend in this scenario. There’s no harm in going back to your previous posts on your Facebook and Twitter accounts just to delete more posts. While it seems unlikely that anyone would go as far as to check your cringeworthy posts from 2009, they’re still viewable to anyone as long as you keep them there. After all, best to be safe than sorry, right?

Choose your words carefully.

Have you ever heard of the saying “Think before you click?” It’s incredibly easy to be misinterpreted on social media, so best to reread what you wrote before hitting that “Post” button.

Or better yet, don’t post anything that might attract negative reactions among other users. Commenting negatively on every news article that you see on your feed, for example, seems tempting, but although free speech is highly encouraged, some of your words can be twisted and used against you.

Show your passion in your field.

While you’re employed, you can also post what you sometimes do at work and continue to share your passions while at it! That way, you not only keep your profession clean, but you can also entice more professionals to give you more opportunities as well!

Share credible sources.

Anybody who shares credible sources and stays professional is worth following and respecting on any social media platform. That way, people – including both current and prospective employers – will have more reasons to look up to you as a professional and hold on to what you believe you should do.

Steer clear of incriminating photos.

As much as you’d like to hit that Share button the next time you’re tempted to share photos of your last beach outing, posting that photo of yourself passed out on the table might also badly on you and the workplace you are representing.

But don’t change who you are as a person.

Ultimately, just remember: you are still a human being with a personality and valid opinions, not a robot! While it’s good to keep a lot of your things private in social media, it’s okay to be yourself, too. Besides, it would seem too obvious if you filter your social media accounts to the point where nobody can really tell who you are as a person anymore. It’s still okay to post photos of yourself in a friend’s party, but make sure to stay professional while at it and do things in moderation!

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