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#AfterCollegeFeels: Take A Rest Or Work Straight?

Every graduating (or gradwaiting) student knows that next to getting their hands on those hard-earned diplomas, nothing comes close to the excitement of ~finally~ getting their dream jobs (yay!).

It’s like embracing the #adulting world, except there’s this thought of getting that long-awaited, much-deserved rest that’s pulling you back. You know you want it and you need it. After all, taking a rest has been on your to-do list since Day 1, for reals.

So here you are now, torn between two equally valid action plans after graduation: to rest or not to rest?

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If you’re a fresh grad and still figuring it out, you might want to hear out these two cases and weigh your options:


Case #1: Rest is the best

“Because I took some time to rest before working, I’m sure with my decisions. I got to rest not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Plus, I finally got to spend time with my family! Although there came a time when I’m just idle.” – Micmic, 20

“I took a sanity break after four years of being semi-stressed with acads! Because of that, I was able to enjoy my time with my family and friends. And also, time for myself! I had the chance to chill, travel, sleep, and reflect on my career plans. A little over enough rest, there’s that borderline feeling like I have to do something with my life already.” – Maan, 22

“Resting after college gave me time to recharge. It’s also a time where I sought God to know where I’m headed next. While I’m waiting, I finallly had the time to do my hobbies! So by the time I’m ready to work, I felt rested and pumped up.” – Alex, 26

The first few months after graduation is always the hardest. Because you’ve been so used to ticking off items in your to-do checklist, adjusting to the no-more-school-requirements-to-do life might be a bit challenging. Not to mention, the #adulting life waiting for you to come around. That’s why taking some time off to hit pause and re-orient yourself might just be the breather you need before grinding your way to your first job.

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  • Prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally (Read: Get. That. Full. Sleep.)
  • Catch up with family and friends! #finally
  • Do things you enjoy that your student schedule didn’t permit before
  • Explore and think through all your work options
  • Transition to adulting life slowly but surely


  • Lose the momentum/ excitement to work
  • Tendency to be idle and stuck with my personal growth
  • See great work opportunities pass by
  • Receive pressure to work from social circle (eg. family, friends, peers)
  • Tendency to be bored


Case #2: Straight outta college

“Working straight after college means I get to help my family financially already, build my career early, and make money for my personal use! It’s just that I had no time to rest, and shorter transition period.” – Adriel, 21

“I didn’t want to lose that momentum na ‘okay done with uni, hello werq’ so I thought I have to find a job agad. It helped us financially too. I get to help my family and start a few investments for myself! I just hoped I could’ve enjoyed that ‘graduating’ feeling longer” – Nina, 20

“Less than a month after my graduation, I was already able to give my sister her weekly allowance. And starting early at work made me the bunso in the office! So I have the privilege of being mentored. Although there are times when people look at me and think, ‘She’s too young. Can she even do it?’” – Za, 22

You’ve settled it with yourself: there’s no time to waste. Sure, rest is life but work is lifer! If your idea of resting means seizing every moment and getting that dream job right away, then by all means! Working straight from college might sound like something a ~potential~ workaholic would do, but there’s no denying that good opportunities come to those who are born ready when the golden ticket presents itself (yup, that’s you!!).

Seize your day


  • Be financially secure and help out with family financially
  • Carry over that work momentum from college
  • Develop independence and maturity
  • Build and develop career earlier
  • Be mentored by more experienced workmates


  • No time to rest after college and enjoy a break
  • Less time to catch up with family and friends
  • Tendency to be exhausted early on at work
  • Shorter transition period from student to young professional
  • Fastracked job decision without fully exploring other options


To rest or not to rest, that still remains as the million-dollar question. Whether you are leaning more towards Option A or B, remember that people work at different pacing. Sure, there are good advice from all sorts of people but only you can truly gauge the best time for you to rest and work. But while you’re at it, it’s always a good idea keep these suggestions in mind!

Whether you’ve decided to rest or not to rest, it shouldn’t stop you from learning your way to your dream job. Let us help you figure things out in the Work-Life Balance blog section at Edukasyon.ph now!