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Balancing Xtremes: What A Fresh Grad Needs In These Trying Times

Congratulations on finishing your education! While there might not have been a graduation ceremony, it’s still worth celebrating since that’s years of your hard work being recognized. Here at Edukasyon.ph, we’re proud of you and want to help you get started on the next chapter of your life—your career.

Unfortunately, the state of the world has left a lot of us shookt to the core. To begin with, school has migrated to online distance learning, and in the wake of the “new normal,” more and more employers are open to the option of working from home. But you can turn these things to your advantage.

Here are three things you need to effectively adjust to the new (hopefully temporary) way of life. Just remember G.A.H.:

●  Great internet connection
● A new skill or two (maybe three)
● Having time for yourself

It’s a good thing that Globe At Home can give you all of that with their new Xtreme Plan 999! It’s the most affordable GAH Postpaid plan.

Great internet connection

The biggest challenge to the “new normal” is that almost everything is online. Having an internet connection is the first step to getting anything done, and sometimes, your pocket wifi or mobile data just isn’t going to cut it.

Globe at Home’s Xtreme Plan 999 is twice as fast as pocket wifi and other big data plans, PLUS the installation is completely DIY and hassle-free. Instant high-speed WiFi and instant big data of up to 140GB for instant streaming for the entire family all in one device.

Whether if it’s for online classes, meetings, or even just so you could send out your resume and get interviewed (click the link for tips from recruiters), the Xtreme Plan 999 has you covered.

A new skill or two (maybe three)

While your grades, degree, or school may be impressive, a lot of recruiters would look for your other skills right now, and that’s where we come in. There are a lot of short online courses on Edukasyon.ph which you could take up to give yourself that edge over other applicants.

From building your personal brand all the way to programming and analytics, you can keep upskilling as you apply for jobs. And with the Xtreme Plan 999, you can pick up as many of these skills as you want since you get up to 140 GB of data per month!

Having time for yourself

It’s not all about the hustle. Among the things that this new normal has exposed, one that resonates with a lot of people is the importance of self-care. Sure, it could come in the form of retail therapy, skincare, or working out, but when we talk about self-care, we often overlook our relationships.

The Xtreme Plan 999 offers a seamless streaming experience, perfect for movie nights with the fam—from local teleseryes to award-winning international movies—in HD for FREE! The device is also videoke-ready for those family bonding moments all while being safe at home.

You could also stay connected to all your friends and loved ones no matter where they’re quarantined. Unwind, catch up, and remember that we’re all in this together. While you’re on your way to provide for your family, don’t forget to provide for yourself.

It all feels like a massive balancing act, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be on top of your game! Quarantine or none. Learn more on how you can avail the new Xtreme WiFi Plan 999 via the official Globe at Home shop.