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5 Types Of People Getting Back At It In 2019

There goes 2018! But the real question is: how do you plan to spend 2019? They say the way you start your year is the way the whole year will turn out. And if that’s true, we hope you’re starting 2019 with ground-breaking changes! (or just changes) While there is no black and white way of starting the year right, here are 5 ways you can do exactly that, depending on the kind of year-starter you are!

Start over soldier

There are moments in life that compel you enough to start over. Maybe it’s a break up, maybe it’s a breakthrough, or maybe nothing has to break and you just feel like starting anew. And the new year is a great excuse for it! Think super major clean up! From your desk, to your closet, down to a full digital detox. We can all agree that 2018 was a whirlwind of experiences, hopefully with lessons learned. But, lessons learned do not equate to memories we’d love to remember. So turn on your selective memory and  – *Ctrl+A+Delete*  – at all the 2018 clutter!

Eccentric soul searcher

If you’re a “the world is my classroom” type of person, this is probably how you’re starting 2019. Current goals are: Travel more, learn a new skill, see more UNESCO heritage sites, and other fun stuff because you, my friend, are a life-liver. You think of resolutions as a chance to tick off items on your bucketlist. So will 2019 be the year you climb a mountain to meet the infamous, Whang Od? You tell us! But whatever it is, you are up to – live and live fully!

Progress keeper

Feeling extra Type A, these days? If that means goal-getting, why not? Progress keepers are looking to start the year with a holistic overhaul. The start of the year is scheduled for annual health check ups, goal-analysis, and year-planning. You feel the need to review last year’s resolutions and see which ones you were able to do successfully, and which ones you didn’t. The big idea of doing this is to understand why some things failed and why others pushed through. This way, you can adjust your timeline, and attitude towards the goals you’ve got set for 2019. Whether it’s an old or a new you showing up this year, show up swinging and we’re with you on it!

Team “Toss it!”

Might as well cue in NSYNC’s “Bye, bye, bye” because it’s sounds like your January 2019 theme song. Your resolutions are all about tossing, throwing, and terminating bad habits, toxic relationships, and unattended goals – very Marie Kondo. If you haven’t learned the KonMari method yet, now is your chance! There’s no better time to start than the new year. Sounds like you? No shame! Cut off what you must if it detracts you from your goals! If it’s holding you back… bye, felicia!

Boundary Builder

I mean, we did say 2018 was crazy and for some probably a little bit more. If you’re part of the “a little bit more,” your 2019 game plan is probably all about setting boundaries for yourself. Either to ensure better work-life balance, or to remember to make time for yourself, setting boundaries is a healthy way to move forward. It also helps to recenter yourself towards your purpose. You can take actionable steps like making a list of the things you can do to take care of yourself better. I.e: See your friends once a week, read x amount of books in 2019, try something new in a restaurant you always go to. The end goal is to make sure 2019 won’t be a replica of 2018. But if you want a different outcome, you gotta start making different decisions and now is the time to start!


We all have resolutions, clean ups, and start overs planned this January and if this helped you figure out where you want your 2019 to go, we’ve got more where that came from. Check out our career conversations blog for more ideas over at Edukasyon.ph!