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Top 5 Hugots Of Teachers

Teaching is a noble but challenging profession. While the job offers a lot of joys and rewards, it’s no surprise that teachers get their fair share of #hugot from the obstacles they have to overcome along the way.

Read on and see how many of these #hugot you can relate to:

1. “Laging ako. Ako, ako, puro na lang ako.”

Bear with both paws raised. Caption on image saying, "When you're a teacher but they expect you to be a counselor, event planner, nurse, coach, cheerleader, scientific calculator, mind reader, charade player, life coach

Being a teacher requires you to put on many hats all day. You’re never just a teacher. You’re also a parent, counselor, nurse, coach, cheerleader, event planner, mediator, and the list goes on and on! And you have to juggle all that while making sure your students are actually learning something. The struggle is real!

2. “What can I do to make you love me?” – You to students.

Skeleton resting its chin on hand. Caption on image saying, "Teachers be like, 'I'm just gonna wait 'til it's quiet...' "

You have to constantly compete for your students’ attention during class versus texting, social media, and the World Wide Web. And nope, these are not the only roadblocks. There’s boredom, too, with kids zoning out. Oh, and did we mention rowdy students who push your limits?

3. You’re just a second choice.

Woman crying. Caption on image, "I told you I'm fine."

You’re teaching a subject you’re passionate about, but your students don’t feel the same way about it. Sometimes, they see your subject as an extra requirement like in the case of elective classes. Or worse, you were only their second choice ‘cause their preferred class ran out of slots. Cheer up! Your creativity and teaching skills will see you through!

4. “May forever ba tayo?” – You to tenure.

Wide-eyed anxious cat. Caption on image, "When you're staying calm but you can lose your job at any moment."

You’re living a life of uncertainty as a teacher with no tenure. There’s that constant anxiety of losing your job or whether or not your performance is good enough. You’re taking care of your students, yes, but are you taking care of yourself and your family?

5. Hi sweldo! Bye sweldo!

Baby with one fist held up in triumph. Caption on image, "When you make it to payday without dying of starvation."

Teachers are, unfortunately, only too familiar with the woes of being underpaid. You receive your month’s salary, pay the bills, and spend on your daily needs. Before you know it, you’re out of money and it’s a long way to go until next payday!

Your elusive income makes you ask yourself: “Will I ever get to save up? Will I be able to go on my dream vacation any time soon? Will I be able to pay for my medical needs in case of an emergency? Who will take care of my family’s expenses if ever something happens to me?”

What you need is a back-up plan so that you’re prepared no matter what happens. The goal is to be worry-free so that you can focus on providing the best education to your students. One way to ease the worries so that you can live life to the fullest is to first be financially secure. Reaching out to an insurance provider that will support you in your goals is a good start.

All these struggles show just how dedicated teachers are to their jobs despite all odds. It requires hard work, passion, and commitment, all of which make the profession all the more rewarding.

Did you find any of these teacher hugots relatable? Tell us about it in the comments section!