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5 Tips Every Pre-Law Student Should Know

To say that taking up law is ‘challenging’ is an understatement.

Ask every law student and you’ll get a mob of sleep-deprived, caffeine-dependent but dedicated aspiring lawyers working hard to earn that precious degree. Of course, the path to practice law is not an easy feat, but so is every dream worth having.

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If you’re a pre-law student, please don’t be scared! While the law life is definitely tough, it’s something you can prepare for as early as now. After all, there’s hardly anything a good preparation can’t make up for. Right?

Whether you’re currently taking up pre-law as an undergrad or you’re still planning to choose it for college, let these five tips serve you right all the way to the courtroom someday:


1. Read, read, read.

It’s no secret. Studying law is somehow synonymous to readings, lots of them! And it’s just right since we want our future lawyers to be well-versed on our constitution and the legal system. If this is the career you want, be prepared for the paperworks! Learn to read fast and read smart. Before you pick up another YA novel, you might want to acquaint yourself with Black’s Law Dictionary instead? (read: think bible for law school)

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2. Develop a good study habit.

The pressure to keep up with a ton of school requirements can be really overwhelming. Have a solid study habit during your pre-law days so you can adjust better when the heavier load rolls in (read: keep your sanity). Know how and when you’re most productive to study. And when you find your rhythm, stick with it! Fo sho, being disciplined with your acads is something your future self will definitely thank you for. *pats self in the back*

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3. Don’t take your undergrad course for granted.

Your law school journey begins long before you pass the PhilSAT. It’s even before you’re admitted to law school! Treat your undergrad a training ground, not a playground. When you take your pre-law courses seriously, it’s as good as preparing yourself for the real battle that is law school. Take challenging courses that will help you improve your reading comprehension and critical thinking skills (read: not necessarily law-related classes). You’ll never know when these undergrad lessons can save you someday!



4. Get a law-related internship.

Gone are the days when taking pre-law courses like political science and philosophy is a prerequisite to enter law school. Sure, it’s still an advantage but tbh almost any course nowadays can be admitted. That’s why, if you’re sure already that you want to pursue law, we highly recommend you to look for an internship that’ll expose you to the field firsthand. After all, where else can you learn to be the best lawyer than working with one?

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5. Prepare yourself for the law school life.

There’s a fine line between wanting to study law and actually wanting to study law. Usually, that line is called determination. Are you sure about your decision? Because if that’s a yassss, then it’s time to deliberately take steps toward your dream!

For starters, you can prep yourself with the whole PhilSAT process, meet with your adviser for career guidance (also recommendation letters!) and take every opportunity to immerse yourself in the field—from studying those pre-law readings to binge-watching legal dramas to familiarize yourself with the jargons real quick!

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Law school is clearly not a place for the faint of heart. It’s a place for people who love the law and would try their best to understand the language despite and in spite of. Are you excited to embrace the law school life? Take it one step at a time with these five tips you can do during your pre-law years!

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