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Schools Offering Online Courses In The Philippines

Unable to go to college due to lack of money, time, and other constraints? Not all hope is lost! Distance Learning is a method of education that allows you to earn your college degree from the comfort of your home, part-time, and at your own pace.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, a student can now receive and submit school work online under the virtual guidance of an instructor. Usually, students are only required to physically go to a facility to take exams in the presence of a proctor.

Does this sound like what you need to complete your studies? Check out this list of known distance education institutions, associations and organizations:  

1. AMA University Online Education (AMA OEd)

AMA University Online Education is the first full online education in the Philippines. The online university provides its students educational materials that they can access anytime and anywhere. AMA OEd offers undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as ABM (Accountancy, Business, and Management) for Senior High School.


Website: https://amauonline.com/
Phone: (02) 863 – 7030; (02) 737 – 5579; (02) 737 – 5577
Email: [email protected]

2. University of the Philippines Open University

Living up to its prestigious school counterparts, UPOU is a National Center of Excellence in Open and Distance Education.

Students go through independent study of specially designed learning materials (i.e. print, video and multimedia). Moreover, interaction takes place through a virtual classroom, text, and teleconferencing. Final exams are then conducted online or face-to-face at designated learning centers.

UPOU offers Faculties of Study in Education, Information and Communication Studies, and Management and Development Studies.  


Phone: +63 49 536 6001 to 06
Admissions: local 441/199
Email: [email protected]

3. Polytechnic University of the Philippines Open University

The PUP Open University System (PUP OUS), also known as the “Pamantasang Bayan,” allows you to choose from studying independently with the guidance of a tutor who grades and comments on your work, or communicating with your classmates and teachers through an online classroom.  

The institution particularly caters to professionals who wish to complete their degrees or graduate programs without having to take a leave from their respective jobs. PUP OUS integrates professional insights in their curriculum, in collaboration with the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and other government agencies.

Course offerings include a Bachelor of Science Program in Entrepreneurship, and Masters Degree Programs in Educational Management, Public Administration, and Public Administration.


Phone: (+63 2) 335-1PUP (335-1787) or 335-1777
Email: [email protected]

4. CAP College Foundation, Inc.

CAP College Foundation, Inc. is a recognized pioneer in non-traditional and non-formal modes of teaching.

The organization grants degrees for programs recognized by CHED, giving new hope and opportunities to Filipinos through digitized Distance Education. Filipinos living in the Philippines or abroad, as well as resident foreigners, may be admitted to CAP College upon submission of necessary high school credentials.

CAP College offers courses in History, Pastoral Studies, Economics, English, Psychology, Political Science, Journalism, Sociology, Mathematics, Information Technology, Management, and Marketing.


Phone: (02) 813-8509; 810-9205
Email: [email protected]
Based in the Philippines? Visit, call or email the Distance Learning Center nearest you.

5. Asian Institute for Distance Education (AIDE)

AIDE lives by the principle of providing quality higher education at minimum cost. The institution currently offers CHED-recognized bachelor’s degree programs in Business Administration (Major in Marketing Management), English, and Political Science.  


Phone: (02) 810-0968
Fax: (02) 813-0565
Mobile: 09063871254

6. New Era University (NEU)

Through the NEU Open and Online University, New Era University caters to individuals who want to learn on their own and believe that non-traditional learning is convenient and practical. There are two modes of instruction used by NEU–OU. One is the asynchronous mode of delivery. In this mode, students can access their learning materials anytime. These will be sent as email attachments. While the other mode is the synchronous mode of delivery. In this mode, learners can attend classes in a virtual classroom. The video conference will be conducted through NEU–OU’s Internet Broadcast Station.


Website: http://www.vem.edu.ph
Phone: (02) 687–8064
Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

7. Benguet State University – Open University

The Benguet State University – Open University was established in 1997 with the intention of providing accessible education for Filipinos. Students are given course modules and are allowed to meet their professors and classmates once a month. Consultations with professors are done through the internet, telephone, or cellphone. This makes studying through BSU–OU accessible and affordable.


Website: http://www.bsu.edu.ph/ou
Phone: 09091075824
Email: [email protected]

8. Visayas State University – Open University

The Visayas State University – Open University provides distance education in the field of agriculture. It aims to educate  individuals engaged in agriculture and rural development activities. Enrollees must report to the VSU Main Campus once a year to attend a two-week summer consultation dialogue and meet professors. They can also communicate with their professors any time and anywhere.


Website: https://ou.vsu.edu.ph/
Phone: (053) 563-7485
Email: [email protected]

9. E-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries

All courses are free.

You read that right! The only catch is that an applicant should be a Filipino living in the Philippines, or an overseas contract workergiven the courses’ local recommendations. On the bright side, all their digital resources are open to everyone.

The Philippines, being an agricultural country, could greatly benefit from this platform that educates the public on such a promising field. You’ll get to learn about crops, livestock and poultry, fisheries, social technology and sustainable agriculture.

Best of all, the online courses do not require advanced computer skills; as long as you know how to move and click a mouse, you are good to go!

10. Southville International School Affiliated With Foreign Universities (SISFU)

Southville’s online programs allow you to earn a UK diploma without having to leave the Philippines. This internationally recognized diploma will surely expand your career opportunities. Moreover, SISFU’s online programs is perfect for people who want to develop themselves as a professional without having to quit their jobs.

Earn a UK diploma in the following courses:

Business Management
Business Administration
International Business
Marketing Management
International Marketing
Accounting and Finance
Human Resource Management

An online program would take you 2 years to complete the Higher National Diploma (HND) and another year to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree from a UK university. Register now; enrollment is open year-round!


Website: https://www.southville.edu.ph/online-programs/
Phone: (632) 825-6374; (632) 820-8702 to 03
Email: [email protected]

Distance Learning has been a game-changer in providing education to a greater number of people. With enough research and determination, there are now more ways to overcome the barriers of education that were once there.

And while Distance Learning overcomes the physical and financial barriers to education, Edukasyon.ph makes it easier for students to find quality, affordable and relevant schools that will enable them to succeed in their future careers.

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