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Study Hacks To Pass Your Upcoming Entrance Exam

Academic excellence is one thing but passing an entrance exam is another.

The moment has come and it’s that season again! Just a few more months and malapit na ang graduation at ang prom. Pasahan na rin ng college applications kaya hanap-hanap na ng university at pili-pili na ng papasukan. If you are still looking for a university, here are a few tips that can help you out in looking for one.

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However, if you already got accepted, it’s not the end of the line yet (so near yet so far ang drama). You still have to prepare for your entrance exams!

There are a lot of study hacks to get through that entrance exam. It’s not a one-size-fits-it-all kind of thing kasi we all have different study habits. To some, eating mani is a good practice, but for some it can be playing classical music. Here’s a few hacks you should do to prepare yourself from that entrance exam.

1. Know thyself and the exam coverage.

Remember that not all entrance exams are the same. Some of them are focused on the Sciences while other are on English comprehension. It is important for you to know what you will be facing. Hindi ka naman haharap sa digmaan ng wala kang alam sa kalaban. Also, knowing the exam coverage would help you strategize how you are going to answer the questions. If marami ang Math, then you can prepare yourself to answer harder Math questions that can take much of your time.

2. Get back to basics.

Of course, we can’t go Jon Snow and know nothing. A prepared mind has better chances than an unprepared one. Yet, we cannot know everything din naman, so one helpful tip is for you to go study the basics. For Math and Science, get the basic formulas and try to remember them. Cue cards or index cards can help you study better. For English, just read passages and know the words you are having a difficulty in understand. Some entrance exams require you to give a definition of a heavy word so reading is one great way to expand your vocabulary.

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3. Visit the exam place a day before the actual exam schedule.

This is just one of the things that gets overlooked by most students. Maraming namamatay sa akala nila hindi traffic pagpunta sa school or akala nila madaling hanapin yung school. Some schools, especially Ateneo, UP, or La Salle, have really big campuses and finding the room where you are going to take your exam might add to the time pressure on your exam date kaya it’s better to play safe than sorry.

4. Prepare everything a day before.

When I say everything, it means everything. Make a checklist of everything you need.

  • Pens and pencils (of course, you never know which of which is you are really going to need)
  • Light snacks (candies, small snack packs not big ones, or any food that wouldn’t attract too much attention from you)
  • Exam permit (this one gets overlooked a lot, and some schools are giving exam permits which you have to present before you can start taking the test)
  • Extra sheet of paper (you never know when you will need an extra sheet of paper but just make sure it’s clean and it’s not used as kodigo)
  • Wristwatch or any timer (you have to check your time and make sure that you are keeping track of it)

Put them all in a small bag where nothing can harm them. Just in case, also try to bring a water bottle to keep you hydrated during the exam and extra sweater/jacket because some exam rooms have extremely cold temperatures.

5. Take courage and believe in yourself.

Is the exam right-minus-wrong? Then don’t leave anything blank behind. Make an educated guess. Eliminate the most unlikely answer and shade the one that fits the questions most. Some answers are also on the question themselves so read carefully. The most important of it all is to attract positive thoughts before and during the exam. If fear gets hold of you during the exam, you are more likely to lose because of it and not because you are not prepared well. Have the courage and keep that faith all throughout the exam.

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