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Top 5 Medical Fields In The Philippines

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”


There are hardly any kids who haven’t been asked this question, and few situations when the resounding answer wasn’t  to become a doctor someday. It’s a noble profession! Kids love the idea of saving lives, some the idea of wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope hanging on their necks. But as you grow up, you’ll realize that there’s more to medicine than that kind of “doctor.” Did you now that there are more than a hundred fields of medicine you can pursue?

Mr. Bean as a doctor

If you’re still that kid with a heart for med, then it’s high time that you familiarize yourself with the different medical fields out there. For starters, those that are in demand here in the country!

Based on the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) Project Jobs Fit: The DOLE 2020 Vision, here are the emerging industries to watch out for in the coming years a.k.a. medical fields you might want to consider when deciding on the kind of doctor you want to be:


1. Pharmacy

If you’re a normal human being, chances are you’ve taken some sort of medicine at least once in your life (if you’ve never been sick and never needed meds, contact us because we have questions). Pharmacy is a medical field that makes sure you get the right dose of meds to get you up and going!

While it may seem as easy as simply dispensing doctor’s prescribed medication in drugstores, pharmacists are highly trained to discover, develop, evaluate, register, and monitor medicines so you wouldn’t have to endure a headache, a chest pain or even a heartbreak. Just go to the counter and tell them what you feel, and let their expertise help you get through it… by offering their expertise in the safe use of prescriptions, of course. Aren’t they literally lifesavers?

Interested to pursue this career? We say go for it!

man in a drugstore


2. Radiology

There’s more to human health than what is seen with the naked eye. Just ask a radiologist! They should know this, figuratively and literally.

As a field, Radiology Technology makes use of medical imaging such as CT scanners, MRIs, and X-rays to diagnose and treat diseases. While this may be one of the lesser popular fields in medicine, DOLE foresees an increasing demand for radiologists by 2020. Isn’t this Xciting news? (Pun intended.)

x-ray image dancing


3. Medical Technology

While it’s not technically a field of its own (Pathology is!), medical technologists are emerging to be one of the more in-demand professions in the country. As pathology deals with the study of diseases and its causes, it works hand in hand with medical technology to ensure patients get a proper diagnosis by applying cool laboratory techniques.

Are you one of those students who are more fascinated with than scared of blood and needles (think biology experiments)? If yassss, go ahead and give MedTech a try!

man looking into a microscope


4. Dietetics/ Nutrition

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat?” If so, can you confidently say you’re healthy? Be honest! When it comes to our well-being, what we eat and not eat weigh an important role in our overall health. Please, it really is more than just the numbers on a weighing scale.

While some of us have yet to embrace a healthy lifestyle (diet is NOT just about losing weight), there are dieticians and nutritionists to help us figure things out! In this field of medicine, food and nutrition are viewed in the lens of human health. If ya ready to think (and live) healthy, studying this might entice you!

man on the phone holding food


5. Psychiatry

We said it before and we’re saying it again: mental health is as important as any aspect of our health.

If you’re interested in knowing about how the minds work and how it affects people’s behavior, then psychiatry might just pique your mind! This field of medicine focuses on mental disorders and its intricacies. With the rise of mental health awareness in the country, especially for the youth, it’s a no-brainer: we need more minds like yours in the field.

man talking about mental health


Pharmacists. Radiologists. Medical technologists. Dieticians. Nutritionists. Psychiatrists. These are just some of the many professions you can look into the medical field! Whichever you see yourself in, always make sure to decide with no less than a well-informed mind! But we’re pretty sure you already know that, doctor.

Ready to take a course in these medical fields? Learn more about the pre-med courses and the med life. Check out more articles like this in the College Life blog section at Edukasyon.ph now!