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7 TESDA Courses That Lead to High-Paying Jobs

Are you thinking of getting a high-paying career right after graduation? Or are you still looking for the right courses that can take you there?

In the technical-vocational industry, the Technical Educational Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) is the leading authority on technical-vocational skills. It has hundreds of courses that aspiring tech-voc students can choose from, which certainly lead to immediate employment once you’ve completed all the required hours.

Much of these courses are self-explanatory and can nab you a job based on the course you’ve enrolled in. But did you know that TESDA courses can also lead to high-paying jobs?

Which Jobs Earn A Lot?

According to a list of careers that Jobstreet.com provided in 2018, these jobs earn the highest salary for fresh graduates:

Type of Job Specialization Estimated Salary
Law / Legal Services P27,355
Public Relations / Communications P24,675
Journalist / Editor / Foreign Language Translators P22,446
Advertising / Media Planning P22,436
Training and Development P22,371
Information Technology (IT) P21,947
Human Resources P21,462
Marketing / Business Development P21,216
Customer-Service Related P20,340
Quality Control / Assurance P20,333


With these career paths in mind, is it possible to get into any of these career paths using TESDA courses? Fortunately, it’s possible as long as you pick the one that gives you these skills, and you’re a few steps away from getting to that high-paying job! 

Unlike college degrees, TESDA issues National Certificates to certify that you’re qualified to practice the skill that you’ve learned professionally. And whether you choose to enroll in an online course or physically attend the courses in a TESDA-approved place, there are plenty of benefits that come with it!

So which TESDA course can take you to the high-paying job that you like? We’ve come up with a list that you can check out:

Automotive Mechanical Assembly NC II

Never underestimate the powers of a good assembly technician! This course teaches you how to handle any automobile, which includes assembling mechanical contractions using fixtures, installing brake and fuel systems, mounting suspension drives, and other tasks that require tinkering with machinery. It also teaches you the non-hands-on aspects of automobile management such as handling shop maintenance and interpreting engineering illustrations. Don’t take any of these skills for granted – they make great precursors to any quality control job! Plus knowing how to interact with customers is enough to refine your social skills for customer service careers. 

Number of Hours: 143

Foreign Languages

Did you know that TESDA also offers foreign language courses for free? This course allows students to choose between Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish and English. Depending on the language of their choice, students can use their multilingual skills to become foreign language translators, writers, or customer service representatives.

Number of hours: 100-150

Game Programming NC II

Would you like to program video games in the future? This course teaches you how to program PC game applications. It teaches you how to design a game, including a better grasp of the language skills present in programming software, which you can also apply in-game. Knowing how to code applications also allows you to have a certain knowledge of codes and program systems, which are vital skills needed in any IT-related job.

Number of hours: 1,234

Photography NC II

Do you love taking photos? This course teaches you how to capture, process, and present professional shots of various subjects on film. It teaches you how to manage your photographic equipment and also helps you refine your photography skills, so if you want to learn how to evoke powerful emotions in your images, this course can train you to do that. Working in advertising, journalism, public relations, and even marketing are some of the many fields that need good photography skills, so you can turn your former hobby into an actual cash earner!

Number of hours: 132

Programming NC IV

This programming course, in general, teaches you how to write and interpret codes, which you’ll need to work with computer programs. Students are taught how to understand computer languages, along with debugging techniques and program development. Not only does it teach the hands-on approach of programming to students, but it also gives lessons on problem-solving in the workplace along with the laws that you need to follow in the computer industry. Given the IT industry’s reliance on codes to help systems function, this course will come in handy.

Number of hours: 254

Tourism Promotion Services NC II

If you love promoting the places that you have to offer, this course allows you to strengthen that skill by teaching students how to improve tourism in any given area by advertising goods and services. It teaches you how to identify your customer’s needs, recommend products to meet your customer’s demands, and handle automated information systems. Not only does it suit customer service, but knowing how to promote and sell can take you to a good marketing career in the future.

Number of hours: 72

Web Development

Do you like paying attention to detail? This course teaches students how to build and design their own websites on mobile and desktop devices. Students are also trained to understand scripting and encoding user interfaces using multiple server side-languages such as JavaScript, Java and Python. Anybody who aspires to pursue a career in the IT industry can take this course to become Full Stack Developers, Front-End Web Developers, and Back-End Web Developers, to name a few.

Number of Hours: 120

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