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5 Common Struggles Every Scholar Will Face In School

Tuition fee. Miscellaneous fees. School supplies. Living expenses.

These are just some of the many things that contribute to the hefty price tag of education. (Did you know it takes more than a million to send a child to school? Yup, we did the math.) These are also some of the many things that scholars are grateful for receiving as part of their study grants. Are you a scholar?

Whether you received a scholarship aid or are interested in applying for one, know that being a scholar is both a privilege and responsibility. (Yassss, just like a superpower!) And by responsibility, we mean moments when scholarship comes with hardships you need to endure as you finish your studies. According to a 2015 study, here are some common struggles you’ve probably experienced or will experience as a scholar:


1. Overwhelming pressure to perform well

Whether it’s a grade requirement, a sports championship, or a reputation to keep, scholars are one of the most vulnerable students on campus when it comes to pressure. There’s always that extra push to be at the top of their game- making sure they are every-inch “deserving” of the scholarship they were given.

If you feel this way, know that there’s a fine line between pressure that pushes you to do your best and pressure that pushes you to your breaking point. You don’t want the latter, do you?


2. Balancing academics and scholar duties

Contrary to the popular notion, scholars aren’t studying in the library or practicing in the field 24/7. Aside from the fact they need sleep too, scholars are expected to be involved in various activities inside and outside the campus to be well-rounded individuals. Think volunteering, community involvement, and leadership training!

Because of a hectic schedule, scholars are either masters or strugglers in time management a.k.a. finding time for academics, scholar duties, and everything in between. If this describes your day, take a step back and recalculate your tasks! Are there things you can lessen or do without? (Read: mobile games all day, every day)


3. Feeling homesickness often

Receiving scholarship grants are great, but it’s not always easy. For some scholars, making that decision would mean packing their bags and studying miles away from home. And for free quality education, students choose the tough decision and just resolve to battle homesickness every now and then. (Didn’t we say education is costly?)

While their fellow students rush their way home, scholars who live in dormitories rush their thoughts until their next flight home. If you’re that scholar, there might not be a soul who will understand exactly how you feel but we’re pretty sure you will never run out of people who will make you feel at home.



4. Stretching every peso

Being a scholar means getting stretched in every way, including finances. While some students are given scholarship grants which include stipends or allowances for their accommodation, transportation, living expenses, or all of the above, it doesn’t always come easy. Especially when it’s the end of the month and your bank account is still at remaining balance. Yikes!

When your allowance is delayed, scholars like you understand in a spiritual level what the elders meant when they said, “Kapag maiksi ang kumot, matutong mamaluktot.” And boy, does your money-saving skills hit its peak! (We’re proud of you, survivor.)



5. Fulfilling duties after graduation

And when it’s all said and done (your studies, that is!), your life as a scholar is… well, not yet done. As part of the scholarship, some scholars are required to fulfill gratis or duty of giving back to their scholarship provider whether it’s in the government, a private company, or a non-government organization. Think of it as ROI for your education!

While there’s hardly any scholar who wouldn’t want to express their utmost gratitude for their scholarship, these duties can limit their possible career opportunities for a time. Maybe use this time as a training ground for your dream career instead, yes? (Trust us, there’s always time to pursue your passion.)



Not everyone gets to be a scholar, but every scholar gets the opportunity to study and reach their dreams. If you get this opportunity, make the most out of it! The road you’ll take will not always be easy, but hard work and perseverance will surely take you to the right places. You’re on your way!

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