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10 Awesome Engineering Degrees In The Philippines

When science and math join forces, engineering comes to life.

Engineering is a field that deals with the manufacturing and creation of machines, buildings, and other structures. Whether it’s a simple machine, a high-rise building, or an entire aircraft simulation system, you can see blueprints tracing back to engineering.

If you love solving problems and tinkering with the best solutions possible, then there’s a whole list of engineering degrees that can teach you to create and innovate the world around you!

Here are 10 awesome engineering degrees you can choose from:


1. Aeronautical Engineering

If you grew up wondering how airplanes came to be, then this branch of engineering might be the one for you! This degree will teach you about aerodynamics and other sky-high skills you’ll need to master everything aircraft-related.


2. Civil Engineering

Being one of the broadest disciplines in engineering, this course’s applications are commonly seen in public spaces. From roads to houses to malls, taking this program will equip you with competencies to build infrastructures from the ground up.


3. Computer Engineering

If data and algorithms excite you, then this branch of engineering might be the perfect match for you! By linking electrical engineering with computer science, you’ll be taught to develop computer systems that’ll make tasks function better in a push of a button.


4. Chemical Engineering

Mix mathematics and chemistry together and you get this branch of engineering! Challenge yourself with experiments until the right chemical reaction comes along. With this program, you’ll learn how chemical and physical processes turn from equations to productions to full-fledged operations.


5. Electrical Engineering

As the name suggests, this branch of engineering is all about electricity-fueled technology. Put your analyzing, computing and logical thinking skills to good use! Taking this degree will wire you to the processes that power up appliances, generators and other devices.


6. Electronics and Communications Engineering

Are you ready to take communication to a whole new level? With this field of study, you’ll learn what it’s like to program and code your way to develop a better communication-centered device. Think engineering for next-gen cellphones and laptops!


7. Geodetic Engineering

Although this branch of engineering isn’t as popular as the others, it’s guaranteed to be equally as awesome! With a unique combination of disciplines such as mathematics, cartography, geodesy, law and surveying, you can expect a training that’ll take your learning beyond borders.


8. Industrial Engineering

Do you always get ideas on how to make things better? If yes, then this branch of engineering might suit you best. Taking this degree will bring out the innovator in you as you learn to make the complex, simple—and the simple, more efficient.


9. Marine Engineering

What’s great about engineering is that it isn’t just limited to land or air; This field also reaches far beyond the shorelines and into the deep waters. With this program, you’ll learn all about the processes involved in marine vessels and other equipment used at sea.


10. Mechanical Engineering

Are you fascinated with how-to videos of how things work? Because if you do, then this branch of engineering will surely pique your interest even more! Taking this degree will teach you how energy conversions can make magic as they move things to action.


Taking up an engineering degree is not for the faint of heart. It requires a great deal of determination and perseverance so you can see through every problem. Good thing, the awesome student that you are is always up for the challenge and geared up with the best possible solutions. Are you ready to take on one of these 10 awesome engineering degrees?

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